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    iPhone 4's Raw Marks

    More of an excuse to do MX2 even though you are average at mathematics.
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    B Commerce with B Arts

    ACST101 is a commerce core and is maths heavy BUT the maths is relatively easy, so you should be fine... in saying this I have my 101 finals tomorrow...
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    EXPERIENCED North Sydney Boys Tutor - 99.7 Math/Phys/English

    Bump! Holy shit, crazy marks there Amogh !
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics Ext 2

    Wow everyone complaining about how hard it is. Last q was the easiest one in the last decade besides 2007. E4 should be 65-70 percent as normal
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    I REALLY need a high ATAR!! ATAR estimate please!

    Oh and someth1ing, i did exactly the same subjects as you for both prelim and hsc (including SLR)
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    I REALLY need a high ATAR!! ATAR estimate please!

    Maybe my estimate was a tad on the higher side, but from the experience of someone who has sat their hsc and knowing the general atar estimates given in these places, i believe 99+ is guaranteed, if not higher. @thief, not really, at burwood girls usually highest chem/bio marks are 95, and 3u/4u...
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    I REALLY need a high ATAR!! ATAR estimate please!

    okay pretend OP gets these marks Chemistry - 94 Physics - 91 Biology - 95 Adv English - 90 (not hard in a school that gets 20+ B6 for english) MX1 - 97 MX2 - 95 thats already 99.65 according to the calculator i use, so all these estimates of ~98 are retarded LOL and trust me i know, although i...
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    I REALLY need a high ATAR!! ATAR estimate please!

    all of you obviously have no clue, wtf 98+ LOL.. 99.6+ easy
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    Workload for a first year Commerce/Law Student?

    Hahas OP, i will most definitely see you around! I am enrolled in 3 exact subjects as you! ACST101, ECON111 and ACCT106
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    Extension 2 so hard :(

    Well 2000 was regarded as the hardest MX2 paper in ages...
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    Is Macquarie friendly?

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    First impressions on Macquarie (2 weeks in)

    I went into Macquarie University not knowing what to expect having just finished High School. However, my first 2 weeks have been great! O-Week was fantastic, and I have met a lot of really nice people in my lectures and tutorials. My only real worry is that Assignments, Tests and Homework are...
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    I Hate University

    So far pretty good.
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    nope, didnt get it either

    nope, didnt get it either
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    laptop for uni?

    My opinion is that pen and paper is as efficient as a laptop when used efficiently, so I'll definitely use pen and paper at Uni!
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    On Campus Enrolment..

    My Enrolment is tomorrow. Hopefully all the times aren't taken... I've devised the perfect timetable already!
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    MQ Roll Call 2012

    see you there this year!