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  1. screem41

    Increase in productivity ---> Increase in unemployment

    As long as you use the words "facilitate" and "aggregrate" a few times, it should be fine
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    Undergoing Hyperfuckingstresslation

    Get internalised.
  3. screem41

    HSC Hopes and Goals

    I aim to finish my HSC tomorrow. Which is great, because it would be impossible not to achieve it.
  4. screem41

    2004 HSC multiple choice

    Hey if you go to Board of Studies and then click on the 'test yourself' multi-choice bit, you can choose just economics 2004 and then work out the solutions from there...i think
  5. screem41

    Section 1: Multiple Choice

    also agreed, maybe he got confused
  6. screem41

    Camping at the gold coast?

    There's a pretty big caravan park in main beach which is the next beach up from surfers
  7. screem41

    How are you gonna get your HSC results?

    Receiving your hsc results seems far too...sacred? get it by sms lol. It's like a ritual that needs to be done properly
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    They've also given a couple of questions in previous years like that only on you're just using the same formula only working out distances between the lines representing fixed costs, total costs etc. It's on the "test yourself" bit on the BOS website
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    Residential Colleges...

    What the hell IS umma gumma? :|
  10. screem41

    Residential Colleges...

    That's a fairly big call
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    Heh - I USED to be organised...since about term 2 though there's been stuff just lying around everywhere. As long as its a co-ordinated mess, you should be fine
  12. screem41

    Ext. response question

    I think you should just pretty much use the 'Management of Funds' heading in the Financial Management topic...then just bung on a bit on the end explaining how its relevant to global business
  13. screem41

    trial paper question

    Justification?...of what
  14. screem41

    Residential Colleges...

    Do you guys/girls currently go to Andrews?
  15. screem41

    WTF! Students Online doesn't accept my pin!?!

    Meh...who needs results anyway
  16. screem41

    WTF! Students Online doesn't accept my pin!?!

    Where do we find our BOS pin?
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    Well done Hye Class. Great call. Really original too.
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    You could always try studying instead