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  1. devils_daughta8

    What have you eaten today?

    I was quite bad yesterday :( Lunch - Maccas Snack - Red rooster chips.. Dinner - KFC oh geez...
  2. devils_daughta8

    What did you just buy NOW thread?

    - Makeup - Fight CLub, Ice Age, and The Perfect Catch. - New leopard print bikini. - White short shorts. - Summer dress. - Black skirt. - 2 Necklaces. - Stationary for uni. - Toiletries for uni. - Credit. - Food, little stuff. - bought my sister a dress, quite cute. - Oh! and I got...
  3. devils_daughta8

    stationery-is this enough?

    A month till uni gores back??? whoa.....only 7 days for me :D and yes to answer your question I reckon that should be enough, if not I spose just buy more when you need it
  4. devils_daughta8

    things to bring to college this year

    ooo I have another question, when do I pay the General Service Fee? Can I pay it the day I get there. Thanx!!!! :)
  5. devils_daughta8

    things to bring to college this year

    Thanks for that!! It is absolutly fan- fecking- tastic! (This should be stickied or something hehe)
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    Equity Scholarships

    Awwww hopefully it's not the same with UNE, or in plain simple language I'M SCREWED :(:(:'( haha Edit: Congrats on getting a scholarship though *thumbs up*
  7. devils_daughta8

    Equity Scholarships

    Thanks. Anyway, I think it has nothing to do with UAI/ Uni marks, I think (now don't quote me on this) that it's just how *needy* you are. I'm really needy *crys* haha
  8. devils_daughta8

    Equity Scholarships

    I haven't got any notification, so i'm not keeping my hopes up, but it says that people are notified by this friday if they directly applied, and I applied through UNE. Also everything I am supposed to get comes late: eg: my package that had all my nursing stuff came a week after some other...
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    Equity Scholarships

    Has anybody heard from UAC or any university about the commonwealth equity scholarships? Just wondering if i should start to freak out now about how to pay for everything or wait till the 23rd lol Thanx
  10. devils_daughta8

    Who's Staying Up Until 6am?????

    ooo thankyou! you made my morning brighter (b4 my results come back and i feel like jumping off a cliff that is)
  11. devils_daughta8

    Who's Staying Up Until 6am?????

    arg! must. stay. awake. lol anyone got any good sites i can go to, so i waste some time?
  12. devils_daughta8

    Who's Staying Up Until 6am?????

    Sleep is for the weak...........
  13. devils_daughta8

    I got first in Software Design and Development! :-)

    Congrats!!!! that's a great achievement!
  14. devils_daughta8


    Sorry to not believe you, but i am a bit sceptical, i rang UNE today and i wrote an email to UAC and they both said that scholarships are awarded and students will know if they have been successful in recieving one on the 23rd of i dunno....
  15. devils_daughta8

    SRAS Letter

    i put B Arts as one of mine but didnt get in :( but im happy with nursing its all good
  16. devils_daughta8

    SRAS Letter

    i got in for nursing too!! woohoo
  17. devils_daughta8

    Anyone get a courtesy call?

    I got it on my answering machine it went for about 3 mins, saying things like "can't wait to see you next year, if you have any questions about the courses you will be taking give us a call on ....... (enter number here)"and because i had nursing as one of my preferences on the recommendation...
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    Eco exam in the morning or arvo??

    It's 9:25 am - 12:30 pm
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    question about breaking up

    I just found out my boyfriend was cheating on me for 10 months that we were together (all together we were in a 2 year relationship) now hes going out with the chick from uni (im still in year 12) and i'm just hating him so much right now........grrrr he could of just broken up with me if he...
  20. devils_daughta8

    Use Basic Methods Of Cookery- notes

    okie dokie i will continue first thing tomoz morning..or arvo whenever i wake up lol