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    Entertainment VET Signal Flow

    Hey so my course is kinda dodgy., really, really dodgy. Anyone care to explain how a vision system signal flow works? I've gotten my head wrapped around the idea: Signal source -> Central Console -> Vision Mixer/amplifier -> Projector -> Projector Screen Anywhere near right?
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    Entertainment Band 6 Cut off??

    No. Like you said, 100% externals, I think.
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    BOS investigating Q8.

    Re: extra marks!! Natural Killer T Cells attack cancerous and malformed cells within your own body. They're very specialized. However it simply said Killer T Cells, which is the same as Cytotoxic T Cells. Personally, I'm pissed because the result of having both answers there made me think...
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    Greek World 500-440 BC

    I went the route of suggesting that though the Athenian navy were a large part of naval victory, naval victory alone did not ensure Greek victory. Also, it specified on the Athenian Navy, so I talked about how they only made up roughly half of the unified Greek fleet and went the route of...
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    Section III - Personalities

    Pericles, 10 marker on building program and 15 marker on military achievements. Pretty simple, really. Wasn't expecting it based on how easy the last years exam was.
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    Personality: How much is acceptable for A.

    Are you kidding me? A 600 word essay is a 4 page english response. A 1000 word ancient essay is only 5-6 pages (in 45 minutes), and you reckon to write 6-8 pages?!
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    Intensity/Decibel question

    With that working, you should get it, but the wording might cost you mark. Because 10x1.077 =/= about 17. Only works for 90.
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    Was doing it as the paper was taken away... :( For the first bit, did anyone derive and state because B' was less than A' A would've been always greater?
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    Easy paper = Higher mark needed for band 6

    You definitely didn't do the 2003 then :P
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    Intensity/Decibel question

    Presuming I'm right, (which I may not be) then yes, that's fine. I merely did it from the intensity at 0 decibels to 10ln2 decibels, and you did the same, simply at a different point. I COULD BE WRONG THOUGH. Several people have suggested it, just haven't explained.
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    Intensity/Decibel question

    ...I AM TAVIN. What did I do wrong?
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    Intensity/Decibel question

    Could you explain where I went wrong?
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    General Thoughts: Mathematics

    I did as well. You can see my working out on the other thread with the appropriate title. Personally, I thought this exam was harder than the 2010, which followed my expectations. It was shockingly easy until question 8, at which the difficulty spiked in question 9. I found question 10 rather...
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    Intensity/Decibel question

    I could be wrong.
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    Intensity/Decibel question

    I can't do latex... forgive me. But I believe the question was I = 10^-12 x e^0.1L, yes? So doubled intensity would've been 2 = e^0.1L 0.1L x lne = ln 2 L = (ln2/0.1) Which came out to be 10ln2 or 6.93... Which was roughly 7 decibels. So every 7 decibels increased in loudness, the intensity...
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    Hardest HSC Advanced Mathematics Exam in the last 10 years?

    Relative to each-other, Einstein.
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    Hardest HSC Advanced Mathematics Exam in the last 10 years?

    2001 and 2002 were beautiful - 2003 not so much. 2004 is much easier by comparison, but still difficult. 2009 and 2010 felt like cakewalks compared to 2003. You know there's something wrong when the answers for the rest of the test are six pages long, and question 10 has the other four...
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    Trends in HSC Mathematics Papers

    I'd be interested in this too, as well as the thread I started down below :)
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    Hardest HSC Advanced Mathematics Exam in the last 10 years?

    So I just did the 2003 and it made me wonder if it was the hardest there's been. Any harder?
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    The Flaw of Monotheism

    It has too many holes to be true, yet there isn't much out there that is better. You seem to be an athiest, and I'm against monotheism, so i'm wondering what your views on something like pantheism are. So..?