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    USyd Commerce (Dalyell) or UNSW BCom/BIS? Help

    At USYD, the Dalyell students will be getting tutoring by a mentor who achieved a 75+ WAM. This basically means you'll be put into groups of 6-8 and have talks with a mentor about how to achieve academically/career goals or whatever. UNSW do have some different commerce majors. See if any of...
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    USyd Chatter Thread 2017

    Is anywhere here familiar with the business analytics major and could answer a couple q's I have? Nice to get the first year over with!
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    Economics Syllabus Notes?

    At first, I did it dotpoint by dotpoint, but towards the end I would just do it under general topics,so, inflation, external stability, macroeconomics,etc. I found the latter worked better
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    Buying exam responses back

    lol capitalism - fair point though. Interestingly, on one SMH doc it did mention 11/460 marks were changed. I guess if you increase to account for everyone in the HSC what would you get, around 800-900?
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    Buying exam responses back

    Does anyone know why its so expensive?
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    Share your 2016 HSC results here

    First? hahha Chem - 89 89 external 88 assessment (a bit disappointed - probs the sub I worked the hardest) EE2 - 50/50 holy fucking shit hopefully a state rank fuck me jesus christ dsgfibasgobd EE1 - 46/50 44 exam 47 assessment idk what happened there thought I aced that. 2u math - 93 exam 94...
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    Bachelor of economics or Bachelor of commrece (majoring in eco)

    So, if you did eco through arts, what would the additional courses be? or would there be none at all?
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    Bachelor of economics or Bachelor of commrece (majoring in eco)

    Is there a significant difference to consider here? I have only read that commerce may be viewed as more practical. I don't have a particular job in mind - just curious about the differences here thanks - I spelt commerce wrong. Opps!
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    how content heavy is eco vs ancient vs business vs 3uenglish?

    I did eco and 3u Eco: I didn't find eco too content heavy due to its logical nature in that you could derive cause and effects if you actually understood the theory. However, if you struggle with this (as many did in my class), it would appear content heavy. The worse part was rote-learning...
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    Any advice on how to attack this case study question?

    South Africa can be done very effectively if you are looking for unique countries. i haven't heard of anyone doing Russia, I would check with your teacher in that regard
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    2pgs of notes into Economics Case Study Exam

    I wouldn't really worry about looking weird. If you can fit your whole essay into dotpots on two pages, go for it. However, I would spend a bit of time memorising it to ensure you don't just stare at the page which can slow down writing speed. If it doesn't fit, you could remove a conclusion...
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    I feel MCs might be slightly higher? But overall, I'd say yes.
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    I feel that the 'light and darkness question' for every module was outright stupid. I also did SF, and it certainly links more to that then say, comedy. I would be interested in other module opinions on how you dealt with that question? How did you approach the question - I just attempted to...
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    ASAP!!! - 2016 Extension 1 English HSC Predictions PLS?

    I think the only direct prediction you can make is that it won't be what previous HSC have asked. (At least for SF genre, anyway).
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    How many hours a week should you work on EE2 outside of class?

    I personally did most of the reading in the summer holidays, and then wrote most of it in the term 1 holidays, and just consistently edited up until it was due. I did a critical
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    English Adv Module B- Speeches (links between each speech)

    I don't think you need quotes to link as so much as you need to link by Ideas EG. the power of literature to incite change -- lessing, atwood, Brooks
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    2 unit paper

    Fairly sure its n=11 because if you sub in n=10 it was like 74.7%
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    Will the HSC exam be harder than previous years?

    If the CSSA 2u trial is an example, then the difficulty will remain similar.
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    Can I still get a band 5 in Chem? (post trails)

    Of course you can.