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  1. Hopp

    Amount of math in ECMT1010 and ECMT1020?

    Just wondering :)
  2. Hopp

    SELLING Textbooks; HSC Ancient History, Geography, Preliminary EES

    Hi, I am selling the following: Excel HSC Ancient History Book 1 - $15 Excel HSC Ancient History Book 2 - $15 Excel HSC Geography - $10 Dot Point - Preliminary Earth And Environmental Science - $15 I can post for $8 for one book or $15 for 2+. Otherwise, I live in Wollongong, I don't...
  3. Hopp

    Have I broken some type of regulation or policy?

    I was enrolled in a course at UOW for Autumn session last semester and transferred to a different course at USYD for this semester. I am currently detailed as on a 'leave of absence' at UOW and as far as I'm aware they don't know I am at USYD. So my questions are; am I allowed to be enrolled in...
  4. Hopp

    Easier Junior Units of study?

    I have a space I need to fill with junior level science unit, what are some of the easier ones?
  5. Hopp

    Transfer from Law (UOW) > Arts/Science (USYD)?

    Thank you so much for all the information, I appreciate it! Ok, I'm glad I am eligible. Would you know where I should start, in inquiring about transferring? Thanks again.
  6. Hopp

    Transfer from Law (UOW) > Arts/Science (USYD)?

    I'm in an indecisive dilemma at the moment. I am completing my end-of-semester exams at UOW, and although my scores haven't been too bad, I am sure that Law isn't for me and I do not want to continue in semester 2. I've been browsing mid-year intake courses at USYD/UNSW and I am interested in...
  7. Hopp

    Length for questions?

    How much did everyone write for their personality and historical period? Thought it was a pretty fair test :)
  8. Hopp

    ATAR Estimation?

    Mmm, well it is unlikely that I will be. There are 6 really strong students (including myself) that will score very high in the HSC (hopefully :spin: ), but DUX is probably only achievable by 2 students. If those 2 students somehow drop a few ranks in English then it might be within my reach...
  9. Hopp

    ATAR Estimation?

    Yeah I figured that externals will primarily determine it. Also, yep no maths for me, I mean I would have picked it if I wasn't rubbish at it.
  10. Hopp

    ATAR Estimation?

    Thanks for any contribution... School ranks around 300, DUX usually receives somewhere within 98 (not sure if that info is needed). English 1/38 English Ex.1 1/7 English Ex.2 1/7 Bio 6/24 Geography 1-2/20 Ancient History 1-2/27
  11. Hopp

    Is it worth doing extra curricular activities in year 12?

    Depends on your ability in school, accessibility to events and future goals. Like obviously it will assist in your qualifications and early entry programs but there is the discernible negative of the time consumption. I'm currently in year 12 and am competing in debating, rugby and athletics...
  12. Hopp

    societ and culture pip research

    Yeah I think you need to fix up question 3.
  13. Hopp

    Would you drop English?

    Hellllll no. My ATAR is most dependent upon my English subjects.
  14. Hopp

    Neatness of your work

    My writing is infamously horrid, which is funny I guess, since all my subjects, bar Bio, require essays and long responses. Sent from my GT-I9300 using Tapatalk
  15. Hopp

    ATAR estimations?

    Yes, I know these must be getting annoying, please ignore if you like... Anyway, now after half yearly results I am interested in what my ATAR may look like if I were to score similarly in HSC. Any help is appreciated. English - 1/47 Ex.1 English - 1/7 Ex.2 - 1/7 Bio - 6/26 Ancient -...
  16. Hopp

    How well do these subjects scale?

    Modern scales better than Bio?
  17. Hopp

    Is there still time?

    Theoretically you can rank top 3 and even 1st. However it is an obvious remark to state that you will have to score extremely high in the following assessments, and more importantly, get higher marks than the students ranked above you. At the end of the day, the answer to any "ranking" question...
  18. Hopp

    How can I find my BOS Student number?

    Thanks heaps, talked to my deputy today and took less than a minute to find out.
  19. Hopp

    How can I find my BOS Student number?

    To log in on Students Online I need a pin and a BOS student number, both of which I have forgotten. Is there anyway to find out my BOS student number?
  20. Hopp

    Asians are not creative! What?

    Not only is this generalizing to the point of pure arrogance, but the obnoxiousness of this post gives the impression, be it intentional or not, that you used the reasoning as an excuse to boast your proposed statement.