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  1. Marinatos

    Predictions and Results (Semester 1 2009)

    MATH1901 - 86 HD (how the hell did this happen?) MATH1902 - 85 HD (why the f*** is this less than dif cal?) BIOL1903 - 89 HD (mark normalisation...>>) BIOL1911 - 92 HD (worst subject ever) CHEM1901 - 80 D (not happy Jan. I put so much work into this!) Pretty happy overall
  2. Marinatos

    BOS USYD Roll Call 2009

    Marinatos - Bachelor of Science (Advanced) -- Going into first year in 2009.
  3. Marinatos

    So who made it to BSc (Advanced)?

    I'm planning to do: BIOL1911 - Concepts in Biology (Advanced) BIOL1903 - Human Biology (Advanced) CHEM1901 - Chemistry 1A (Advanced) MATH1901 - Differential Calculus (Advanced) MATH1902 - Linear Algebra (Advanced) in first semester and: BIOL1902 - Living Systems (Advanced) MBLG1901 -...
  4. Marinatos

    Women's college??!!

    I got a letter saying I got in, so I'd assume it means if someone declines or doesn't end up going to usyd.
  5. Marinatos

    Who had very big gaps between int.& ext marks?

    I did for english, which really surprised and upset me. I've always done better in exams, but apparantly I did much worse in the actual HSC then I did in my trial D=
  6. Marinatos

    Are you truly satisfied?

    I'm not satisfied, cause I know I could have done better in some of my subjects. But I got about the UAI I was expecting and as everyone keeps telling me it is good. But for myself I'm not satisfied.
  7. Marinatos


    I thought it was fairly easy...none of the stuff I didn't know xD The multiple choice were a bit wierd and I bullshitted part of my elective, but I could have written more if there was more time.
  8. Marinatos

    2007 Questions

    Since you worked out how to do it, how do you do Q22. I'm so brain dead right now. edit: nver mind. I did eventually get it.
  9. Marinatos

    All ready?

    I can't seem to force myself to study. I was like "5 days....I got time". Now there is two days and I've still done nothing. he strange thing is, I don't feel unprepared. Pretty sure I could do the test now and still do okay.
  10. Marinatos

    Number of pages of Ext1 English

    21 pages. Or 19 and two half pages xD I was pleased with the amoun I wrote. My writing is usually pretty small, but it got bigger as I went on xp
  11. Marinatos

    Estimate your raw mark

    Essay: 20/25 (Come down from the trial D=) Creative Writing: 22/25 Overall: 42/50
  12. Marinatos

    Section III - Personalities

    I did Hatshepsut. I think I did well. The part a question was a bit weird, but I could still write lots on it xD
  13. Marinatos

    General Thoughts - Ancient History

    I think I did well. The questions were awesome, much easier than I was expecting. My essay could have been better, but that wasn't the paper, that was me xp
  14. Marinatos

    Ancient History exam too long?

    I wrote for the whole time. I could have used more if it had been given. Granted I had some short breaks and I wrote way to much on the 10, 12 and 15 markers, but I didn't leave early. Only two people out of the two classes that do it at my school left early.
  15. Marinatos

    did any 4u students find this paper hard?

    I do fur unit and I found the test harder than I was expecting, but not hard. I could do everything, I just didn't get time to finish the last part of the last question.
  16. Marinatos

    Post up marks for each qustion.

    Max marks, taking off for stupid mistakes: 1. 14 2. 12 3. 11 4. 8 5. 13 6. 9 7. 8 8. 2 I feel really crap. I did so much worse than I was expecting D=
  17. Marinatos

    Band E4 cut off

    Probably about 80/100. That's what I'm hoping for after that test...
  18. Marinatos

    General Thoughts: Mathematics Extension 2

    Re: What did you think? That was a terrible test! I was feeling good before I went in but the most I can get is like 70%. I really hope it scales well D=
  19. Marinatos

    Did you use 1 or 2 related texts for Mdoule C?

    I did two because I only realised that it said at least one halfway through the question (which I did first) and it was too late to change my essay plan. Besides, I love both my found texts and the link between them and the set. The question was pretty much exactly the same as a practise essay I...
  20. Marinatos


    I did Cicero and Lincoln and talked about democracy, patriotism and the importance of individual responsibility for both, as well as other specific to each speech.