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  1. Emmy-Lou**1989

    tax rebate?

    My income for this year was <$6000 (about $4500) and I paid $66 tax which i assumed i would get back because i don't earn enough to pay tax... but when i completed my tax return and lodged it over the phone they told me that i have a $1352 bill??? I don't understand why i have a bill...can...
  2. Emmy-Lou**1989

    Most annoying book of all time

    I definitely agree... Tess of the D'urbervilles = worst book ever
  3. Emmy-Lou**1989

    Help Please

    Urban consolidation: policies that encourage higher population densities in established suburban areas, usually through planning regulations allowing more dwelling units on a given area of land through subdivision or strata title. Urban consolidation is characterised by medium-to-high density...
  4. Emmy-Lou**1989

    The Changing Role Of Region Centers- Assessment

    Regional centres have populations of approximately 20 000 to 50 000 people. Exampels in NSW include; Dubbo, Tamworth, Wagga and Orange. Small towns generally have populations well below 10 000 people. Examples in NSW include; Wellington, Tumut and Canowindra. Generally speaking regional...
  5. Emmy-Lou**1989

    Assessment Marks/Ranks so far

    English Advanced 11th/42 (but 1/42 in exam with 96%) General Maths 2nd/62 (exam mark 90%) Legal Studies 2nd/30 (exam mark 84%) Geography 2nd/18 (exam mark 80%) Business Studies 4th/31 (exam mark 79%)
  6. Emmy-Lou**1989

    Half yearly marks and ranks + thoughts

    English - 86% (doesn't count) General maths - 87% Geography - 81% Business Studies - 75% and Legal Studies - 90%
  7. Emmy-Lou**1989

    Official HSC timetable

    Friday 19th October English paper 1 Monday 22nd October English paper 2 Tuesday 23rd October Business Studies Friday 26th October General Maths Geography Thursday 8th November (sister's 21st Birthday) Legal studies Tuesday 13th November (last day of HSC) Business...
  8. Emmy-Lou**1989

    Favourite ice cream flavours

    From the cold rock ice creamery strawberry icecream with crushed peanut m & m's is the best :)
  9. Emmy-Lou**1989

    Difficulty of Exam Questions

    We had our half yearly goegraphy exam today. We had the exact same extended response question about the challenges of living in mega cities and their associated solutions We had a second extended response on the nature and rate of change human impacts have on 2 ecosystems we had studied. I...
  10. Emmy-Lou**1989

    2 short questionaires

    1. Age: 17 2. Sex: female 3. Cultural background: Australian (European) 4. Were you born in Australia? Yes 5. If you could solve one issue which directly affects you, or will directly affect you in the near future, which would it be? Global Warming 6. Why do you think some people may give...
  11. Emmy-Lou**1989

    2 short questionaires

    Occupation: Student and waitress Age: 17 Gender: female Suburb: Cowra (Central West NSW) Religion: Catholic Ethnic Background: European 1. Where do you normally look for news? I try to watch the News on TV every night and i read the newspaper every morning...i like to know what's going on...
  12. Emmy-Lou**1989

    irp p platers involved in car accidents

    As a p-plater i have been following all the media around the new restrictions and have a few issues with them. As a resident of a small country town, 2 of my friends and i often travel to a neraby town (about an hour away) to see comedians and things like that because there isn't a lot for...
  13. Emmy-Lou**1989

    What's on your Year 12 Jersey?

    My jersey will say EMMY-LOU when it eventually arrives:) my school anything ia allowed as long as it isn't rude. It sucks that some schools only allows first or last names