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  1. djmattyd

    Ok, sexies. How'd we all go in histx?

    I didn't go too well either, 38. My assessment mark was scaled so much, I couldn't believe it. This was by far my highest assessment mark, and it must've been scaled down by 12 marks or something (well, thats what I worked it out to be). Ah well, I'm not disappointed by 38, just wondering how my...
  2. djmattyd

    English Extension 1

    I did shit, 35. So disappointed. We did crime fiction, and my assessment mark (or at least what I worked my assessment mark out to be) was scaled so heavily. Really cranky about this mark actually, it's by far my worst.
  3. djmattyd


    In all my extension subjects, I got E3's. I'm disappointed because they were all in the mid-30's, when I expected 40's. I got 2 band 5s, 1 band 4 and 1 band 6. An assortment of marks, but overall, Im satisfied.
  4. djmattyd

    PD/H/PE A Big Suprise?

    I got 91 too, and I thought I'd get around 90 so I'm very pleased.
  5. djmattyd

    Ext 2 English!!!

    You should all be proud. I'm actually really disappointed with my mark, 38, it still made band E3, but I really thought I'd do a lot better in this subject. Still, I did expect a band E3, so I can't be too disappointed I suppose.
  6. djmattyd

    The Health of Young People

    I thought it was tough to cover everything comprehensively too, so I hope they go a little easy on us too lol. But still, the marker could go well 15 marks, that means they have to cover every dot point or whatever. I dunno, I think this was my best done question, so I'm hoping I did well, but...
  7. djmattyd

    Mulitple choice answers

    Yeh, but the lower your VO2 level is while running, the more efficient it would be, because you're needing less oxygen to power your system, wouldn't that be the logic behind that answer? I hope I'm wrong and that the answer is C haha. But I can definitely see why the answer should be A now.
  8. djmattyd

    The Health of Young People

    I don't think you could get 13/15 if you didn't touch all the dot points, 13/15 would still be a top band response, and they wouldn't put you in the top band if you didn't touch them all, would they?
  9. djmattyd

    The Health of Young People

    The 15 mark question referred to the third and last focus question in the option. The focus question was: What skills and actions enable young people to attain better health? And the following were the skills: · building positive self-concepts · developing a sense of connectedness ·...
  10. djmattyd

    The Health of Young People

    I think I stuffeds the five marker lol. The 15 marker I did really well, I memorised the syllabus dot points and applied them to stress and coping...I think I did really well, remembered all 9 points, should get close to full marks, really pleased at my answer to this question moreso than any...
  11. djmattyd

    Mulitple choice answers

    From the teachers answers, the ones that I didn't have correct, I can see why they were wrong, but I made the following errors: 5. B (correct answer A) - I thought physical inactivity wasn't a risk factor for breast cancer, but I'm probably wrong. 7. C (A) - Didn't really know, but I never...
  12. djmattyd

    Mulitple choice answers

    If those answers are right, I got 14/20 too...but I think I did really well in the options and the cores, so I hope I make it up...I think I should do alright 80% +
  13. djmattyd

    How many supps do we need???

    OT's? Other texts? I've prepared The Real Inspector Hound, Anil's Ghost and The Big Sleep with "L.A. Confidential", "The Silence of the Lambs" and 'Sherlock Holmes' stories if needed, but I only intend on using 3 or 4 of them. Does that sound about right?
  14. djmattyd

    Trials :)

    I got 25/25 for historiography and 16/25 for Case Study (ick). 41/50...better than expected lol.
  15. djmattyd

    When was TBS & TRIH written?

    The Real Inspector Hound was first staged in 1968 after being written in 1967. That text was written during the 60's. However, The Big Sleep was released in 1946. That's where you're wrong.
  16. djmattyd

    the OC

    Well it isn't really channel ten's fault about the content of the show. However, what is Channel Ten's fault is decieving me into believing Marissa and Alex would be getting it on...I swear it better happen soon!!! lol. I can't wait to see Summer in her little superhero outfit...
  17. djmattyd

    Favourite Childhood Flicks

    Grease The Wizard of Oz The Lion King Sister Act 1 & 2 The Sound of Music They're the main ones, anyway.
  18. djmattyd

    New Bands that Sound Like Old

    Jet borrows from some of the greatest bands of all time, like the Beatles, as Jaydels mentions. Also AC/DC and Kiss have been cited as influences. I don't think there's anything wrong with new bands sounding like old bands, and I certainly don't think Jet are an exception to this. Great...
  19. djmattyd

    John Howard Or Not?

    a) The basic idea of their policies revolves around the removal of money from both public systems and awarding that money to the less needy, non-government schools and hospitals which the party's members and their children attend. b)I disagree with these policies because I believe the public...
  20. djmattyd

    MARRIAGE:i Do or I don't

    What do people think of marriage? I believe it's a spiritual union between two souls, combining to become a single unit. It is also a legal and religious binding. Do you really want to get married? Yes, one day, if I find the right person. Do you know who you want to live the rest of your life...