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  1. butterflybird

    Can someone please give me an honest opinon?

    Haha I wonder how long it will take before this thread becomes a shouting match.. I hold out hope of civility. Uni life isn't so much about "the uni" it just depends on what you specifically want to do. For example... my double degree. One subject of it I really enjoy; it's well-taught...
  2. butterflybird

    Uws A Joke

    I would hardly call a few timetable mishaps and tutor no-shows a reason to denounce the entire institution. I was hoping for some proper reasons, hah.
  3. butterflybird

    So whats it like at UWS?

    I like the nice contrast between the murky swamp at Werrington South where the students go and the lovely landscaped lake at Werrington North where the administration is. Hmmm interesting.
  4. butterflybird

    So whats it like at UWS?

    I dislike communications immensely. That is my two cents.
  5. butterflybird

    Italian Continuers Speaking

    Slightly belated reply. Delve into the magical distant past that is last year's HSC and you'll find a whole lot of posts with good information on things like speaking questions and a whole lot of other tidbits. I can't be bothered finding the exact link but yeah just go hunting.
  6. butterflybird

    Fire At C'town

    Hahaha I just love watching all these people set up obvious baits for others to eventually swoop upon. Eg lebs, quality of uws surgeons... How about I throw a few out there just for good measure eh? Hmm how about you'll never get a job with an arts or science degree? All immigrants should be...
  7. butterflybird

    When are our final grades release?

    call me OCD but does it bother anyone else that the title should be **RELEASED? thankyou just had to mention it >.<
  8. butterflybird

    Torts Law

    It might be easier to organise a time to talk to your tutor and they can give you specific feedback.
  9. butterflybird

    Time To Party - 12 April

    if anyone wants to buy a ticket to that harbour thing i have one up for grabs. they wouldn't let me refund it.. so if someone else wants to buy it from me go ahead.
  10. butterflybird

    La Fiamma

    La Fiamma Publishing (NSW) Pty Ltd 92-94 Norton St Leichhardt NSW 2040 ph: (02) 9569 4522 Ring them and ask maybe?
  11. butterflybird

    Communications Orientation

    Given the predicament of studying communications/law.. and communications and law orientations being on at about the same time on campuses 30km apart.. I had to sacrifice the communications orientation and only went to law. I tried going to Penrith later to see if anyone was still around but...
  12. butterflybird

    Happily registered :)

    bahahah right today i staked out the tutorial registration for a good ten minutes or so... i clicked on the tutorials i wanted the second they opened, and still i *almost* missed out! because it kept coming up with error messages.. i guess coz the system was overloaded still... the first...
  13. butterflybird

    Happily registered :)

    yeah holy crap! i go on 25 mins after it opens and EVERYTHING i wanted was gone :S:S and that's really screwed up coz I've got a double degree to balance out. this just means that tomorrow when i register for law i HAVE to get the times i want otherwise my timetable just won't work. haha i was...
  14. butterflybird

    Il congiuntivo/The subjunctive

    errr frankly the best way to get around a question you havent 'prepared' for is to know the language to the degree that you can adlib.. .meaning you just have to make sure you learn as much as you can and then practice. however they do tend to ask similar questions and you can find lists of...
  15. butterflybird

    When do we have to select our subjects and how do we get our timetable

    So you pick say the first group of As and Bs OR the second group of As and Bs OR the third group?? ... curious... do they explain this somewhere? Coz the communications ones have a note explaining exactly what to choose but law doesn't have anything
  16. butterflybird

    When do we have to select our subjects and how do we get our timetable

    Hmm I was just looking up the times and I have come across Law What is with this seminar business? eg.. Seminar A Seminar B Seminar A Seminar B Seminar A Seminar B does this mean you have to pick one of any of the A's and one of any of the B's... or you pick like one from each...
  17. butterflybird

    O day/ Orientation

    The way they cater to double degrees is just impeccable Law at Parramatta 22nd Feb, 12 - 1:30 Communications at Penrith 22nd Feb, 1:00 Lol could they not even shift them apart an hour or so?! Which one should I go to? Any thoughts?
  18. butterflybird

    confusion over combined law course

    i'll be doing communications/law at UWS and i know you don't get communications electives - to accommodate the extra degree
  19. butterflybird


    hey i got an academic excellence scholarship from uws and am going to the 'morning tea' thingo
  20. butterflybird

    SMH: The top HSC schools

    what's wrong with it?