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  1. meaganxo

    Rate my English Analysis

    PM me the story and ill try help as much as I can
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    Can somebody read my short story? Thanks

    I'll be happy to read it :) let me know what feedback you're after and we should be good! Xx
  3. meaganxo

    the pill

    It is quite common, also because acne is a symptom of polycystic ovarian syndrome, which is treated by the pill.
  4. meaganxo

    the pill

    In reference to?
  5. meaganxo

    Qualified English Teacher

    Hi! Where are you located? Are you qualified to tutor English Advanced and Extension for preliminary? What marks typically do your students achieve? Thanks.
  6. meaganxo

    Online Education??? Worth it?

    Hey have done distance since year 9, I'm going into year 11 in 2013, and it is very good for self motivated students who are organised and like control.
  7. meaganxo

    What have you eaten today?

    lol. my BMI is 18.9
  8. meaganxo

    What have you eaten today?

    Nope, I don't think I need to lose weight :) what about you? x
  9. meaganxo

    Year 10 to 11

    You could try out for Hornsby Girls,
  10. meaganxo

    BoS is the BEST!

    BoS is the BEST!
  11. meaganxo

    Transition Tips from Year 10 - Year 11

    Hi! It would be great if we could get some tips in regards to the transition into year 10 - year 11? For example: What are the best way's to manage your timetable? How should you organize the workload? What to expect? It would be great if we could get some idea of the differences in year 10...
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    Year 10 to 11

    oh that sucks, but hey give it a go! The fact you have initiative and ask other on forums is a good sign! Good luck! xx
  13. meaganxo

    What have you eaten today?

    breakfast: herbalife meal replacement + personalized Protien power lunch: Turkish bread roll toasted with light cheese + gherkins + carrot +lettuce + Italian herbs snack: 100g berry low fat yogurt dinner: spaghetti bolognase with steamed carrots, peas and corn.
  14. meaganxo

    the pill

    Im on Diane 35ED, I take it for PCOS, So I can't really say if it has soley been the source of any weight changes. I don't mind it, my skin is clear, my weight is fine and I am regular and less moody!
  15. meaganxo

    Whats the size of your...?

    Wow way to hate on body types! As long as your healthy, it really shouldn't matter! I am 161cm I weigh 50kg My Jean Size is 6 My Top Size is 6
  16. meaganxo

    Subject Selections for year 11?!

    I just entered my selections with the Vice Principle. English Adv English Ext Ancient History Modern History Visual Arts Legal Studies French Continuers. It feels so overwhelming! >.< Ca va mal.
  17. meaganxo

    Thoughts on Pro-ana/Pro-mia?

    I think Pro Anorexia and Pro Bulimia are completely awful. To promote an illness is horrendous. A lot of the so called "wanarexics" insult a lot of people. Honestly, I don't get why people want an Eating Disorder, its like saying "I want Schizophrenia," or "I want cancer". Its funedmentally sick