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  1. bumble bee

    Post your 2007 University Offers Here!

    B Engineering (Mechatronics) at UOW - My first and only choice :)
  2. bumble bee

    Post your 2006 UAI here!

    I got 80.30. I was hoping for more, but I didnt do too well in the exams. I'm happy with what I got. Congratulations to you all, no matter what you got. Your UAI doesn't define who you are, but it does say that you had the courage and stamina to complete the HSC. Good on you all.
  3. bumble bee

    Estimate your raw mark.

    mid to high 70's I think. Few silly mistakes in the m/c and option, and just general mistakes in the other part.
  4. bumble bee

    EDTA question.

    I said that the titration would have caused it because you always put a few drops over for the indicator to actually change colour.
  5. bumble bee

    Chemistry - general thoughts on the exam

    I think it was an alright exam. Not easy, but alright. With the salt question, I couldnt remember the prac (I think I had a vague recollection, but no details) but I did aluminium nitrate. Now I can't even remember if it's a salt or not :/ But I did that because when you react it with water...
  6. bumble bee

    Early Entry - Results

    I got guaranteed early entry into Mechatronics Engineering. Which is good because my exam's havent gone as good as I wanted them to.
  7. bumble bee

    Predict your raw mark

    I think I should be able to get 45-54. But that is hopeful. I only attempted ~60% of the exam...
  8. bumble bee

    How manyt units did/do you do, and what UAI did/u aim to get?

    11 Units (PD/H, Chem, Phys, maths ext 1, Adv.english) UAI aim:94 (I'm not sure thats realistic, but we can all dream!! And the UAI cut off for mechatronic engineering at wollongong was only about 80 last year anyway.)
  9. bumble bee

    Supp Texts - Inner

    Re: Help!!! I'm studying my place. For my own choice texts in my speech I used the book "Sleepwalking" by Nicola Morgan... Not good to use in the HSC coz usually you refer to authors by their last names and they have the same one, so it's too easily confused... Also, the song "Fall to Peices"...