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    General Thoughts: Economics

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    That 1 week gap for Maths...

    Eww economics. Its my 12th unit so not really studying for it at all. Gotta get over the Math hurdle first.
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    Spelling error in HSC Legal exam?

    Even in English the HSC markers say that spelling doesn't really matter as long as they can understand what it is and the sentence makes sense. They read so many they probably won't even notice it is wrong.
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    I talked about the corruption of society due to Claudius' accession and linked that to temporal context due to the Elizabethan belief in the natural order / chain of being etc then just talked about how the corruption of individual identities of some characters meant we couldn't determine the...
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    HSC Exam Shenanigans

    Don't you have clocks in the room? We have 3 set up at different places around the hall I think. Only problem is they are all set to slightly different times ahaha
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    Are we supposed to wear uniform?

    We have a uniform but I think our school kinda gives up and lets us wear whatever. Comfy clothes all the way I say :D :D
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    Are we supposed to wear uniform?

    We don't have to. Other schools might though? My advice is think back to what you remember other years doing.
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    Conflicting Perspectives Essay

    Does anyone know how we are meant to structure the essay for this module? Like do we do each chapter of Justice Game seperately or do we do it in the basic 3-theme format and do a few chapters within each theme? So confused :(
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    Nelsons Bay?

    Sorry for late reply. We're going to Nelsons. I've been there before and am looking forward to it... Should be fun :D but I guess not the classic clubbing schoolies if that's what you want ??
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    TSFX Mastering the Exams Lecture

    I went before Mid Terms and found it helpful. Most of their advice was long-term though so I don't know if it would be helpful at this stage... Maybe they'll modify it though. I learnt some study techniques that I didn't know about and found some of the information really interesting.
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    Anyone sit independent trials?

    Actual organisation I think. Not 100% sure though. Is there some way to find out?
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    Does cramming work? Tell your stories and experiences.

    I am usually not a crammer. It doesn't usually work for me. But for Trials I literally did not study at all for Economics until the night before and pulled a 95% :S Still not entirely sure how that happened haha
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    Anyone sit independent trials?

    I got 90% for Modern from an independent paper. All my teachers told us prior to trials that we'd get terrible marks but I got over 90% in every subject except one so I was pretty happy (fingers crossed I can repeat this come HSC) How you guys go?
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    Please Advise - Core Components of Ext 2?

    Okay that makes sense. I was really concerned it would be a mandatory section our school just forgot about. Thank you
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    Please Advise - Core Components of Ext 2?

    I was just going through the Ext 2 Resources and saw a whole heap of proposal documents and the marks received for them. Now I'm confused. Is the proposal a core assessment task? Our school never did one... Is this a problem? I realise its super late now and MW are due really soon (ARGH!)...
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    english speech

    I get about 160-190 words per minute during the actual speech depending upon how much I need to cram in so 720-850 words in 4:30 minutes I guess. But it does depend upon how fast you speak.
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    School ATAR estimates: Released with half yearly reports?

    Do all schools have to do this?? My school has never mentioned it... Does this mean they don't calculate them?
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    Personalised HSC Timetable Dates

    1st November I think
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    Personalised HSC Timetable Dates

    Pretty sure its on the 5th of November (Tuesday of the 4th week)
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    Personalised HSC Timetable Dates

    I have 2 days where I have 2 exams :( Economics and Ext History on the 25th and Ext 1 English and Food Tech only 4 days later on the 29th. Modern is the day before Mathematics too :(