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    Who did Ancient Rome, Augustus-Titus..

    yeh i did the structured on rome and i thought the questions were a big gay! *sigh* rome's the worst one for me..i was pulling infO from what i learnt in agrippina!! ahahah hopefully it'll still pull me through though =P
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    SMH Article

    >.< hahaha that's just so weirdd!! can't believe i got quoted - i feel so famous but like..noone even knows that i said it *sigh* shoulda said something more profound, then i woulda sounded smarter as opposed to a lil geeky girL in love with ancient history! hahah =P
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    Section I - Personalities

    =) thats what u were meant to dO...and cos the text type was "assess" you just had to pick out which one you agreed with.
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    Section I - Personalities

    s'all good i did agrippina and i thought it was good. my teacher is like the best teacher in the world cos she prepared us for all the possible kinds of questions especially interpretations of agrippina so part c was good. feeling good good =)
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    General Thoughts: Ancient History 2005

    broken hands hhaha i know exactly how you feel. my hand went numb and then i got pins and needles mid exam *sigh* s'all good though..i've finally got the feeling back in my hand. i thought 3hr maths was torture 3hours of non stop writing is DEFINATELY child abusee!!!! overall the test was...
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    How did everyone go? (Discussion)

    LoL HAHAHHAHA ur funnyy!!! >.<
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    How did everyone go? (Discussion)

    like wtF? yehh..did like anyone else do the past papers and then get in there and feel completely dumb? i did every past paper from 1995-2004 and they were all good then i sit this years paper and it's like..what the bluddy hell kinda questions are these!!! *shakes head* it's CHILD ABUSE i tell ya!
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    How was the exam?

    it's all OVER!! hahah ummm fail!! i dunnO..i guess it was easier than i expected it to be but then i still did pretty bad. but hey..just surviving the course is already an achievement considering i've been failing all year!! HAHAA