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    Macquarie Leaders and Achievers Early Entry Scheme round 1 and 2???

    Thats good congrats. For UNSW is it a conditional offer? if so what's the ATAR req u have to meet? Also, did you apply for early entry through EAS or gateway?
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    early entry into law

    so did you get ealry entry into law? and for what uni
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    Macquarie Leaders and Achievers Early Entry Scheme round 1 and 2???

    did you apply and/or get in for early entry for law/comm??
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    Economics predictions???

    hb for like multis and short answer
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    Economics predictions???

    lol thats like the one essay im not studying for
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    Economics predictions???

    what do we think they're gonna test this year? especially extended responses too is anyone knowledgeable on trends and shit would be useful
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    occupational therapy ACU vs WSU

    does anyone know anything about the difference between these two unis for the bach of OT? ACU atar is 91 and has around 90 people in it while WSU atar is 81 and has 250 people in it, like do employers prefer one uni over another?? idk much ab these units at all. any advice/info is appreciated
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    UTS Law SRS scheme

    I wanna get an offer from UTS for Law and Commerce via SRS because I don't think I'll get a high enough atar to make it otherwise. However, on the UTS website, it says that applicants for SRS must first be eligible for socio-economic disadvantage/ school environment/ financial hardship. Does...
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    property/economics course help!!

    Does anyone know anything about the Bachelor of Property Economics at UTS? It is a good field?? Job opportunities/salary?? I feel like it is a niche course - would it limit my opportunities?? would I be better off just doing a Bachelor of Eco? Anything relevant information would be appreciated...
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    uni degree/course help PLS!!!

    yea, i wnna work in health sorta BUT not in a hospital setting cos thats not the vibes. I like the business corporate lifestyle yk. what u reckon is the course not gonna help me really
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    uni degree/course help PLS!!!

    Hi, I've been thinking of doing a double degree in science and business, and looking at these options: Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Business (at UNSW or UTS) My current subjects I do are chemistry, business studies and economics. I was originally only planning to do something in...
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    Hi there, I was considering the same thing to pursue optometry. Did you make a decision?? What are you doing in Uni now
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    Career Advice: Optometry vs Occupational Therapy

    Thank you so much for your insight and advice! @nick4nick6 Regarding optometry, I was considering the bachelor's of vision science at UNSW (which is like a 90+ I think) and then a Master's in clinical optometry from UNSW or Orthoptics like you said from UTS. I think orthoptics sounds better...
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    Career Advice: Optometry vs Occupational Therapy

    Current Yr12 student here, if anyone knows any pros or cons about these fields please let me know. I am still trying to figure out what I want to be, I have been doing some research but I'm still not sure which is the better option. Optometrist: decent pay but not as many job options/vacancies...