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    Need A Tutor!!!!!!!!

    hey guys, i need a tutor for french and also entertainment i live in the west of sydney to btw so pm me or reply to this about ur rate etc or if u no someone plz!!! thanks a bunch :D
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    Beauty Therapy!!!

    oh i didnt no u could do this wish i could do this instead of entertainment it sounds fun where do u guys go 4 it??
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    HELP!!!! hav u read garys house

    hey thanx guys i got 10.8/15 for the monologue :) jst thought ud like to no;)
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    hey how r ya all?? well im doing entertainment and my teacher never explains things properly so i was wondering whats a vision system?? and what r u guys studying atm?? and what have you done?? ive done staging lighting audio managers , producers etc and some other thing that doesnt...
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    HELP!!!! hav u read garys house

    hey so lyk i hav to do a monologue on gary in garys house nd its due 2moro im so stuck has anyone done the same thing??:worried: