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    Textiles 2009 exam

    lol my whole class finished with 20 minutes to spare
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    That wasz sooo hard!!

    uhh its this friday
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    so, who still has 3 exams to go?

    i have 2 left both on friday as well :'(
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    French Extension what to expect?

    If you really enjoy French then French ext is very rewarding. At my school, there are two classes and 19 people altogether who do it and 33 people who do French cont. The workload is relatively large, but I enjoyed it and didn't mind putting in the effort. Also my teacher was amazing and having...
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    Not making it...

    I assure you I'd be devo. but there's always a backup plan lol
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    How many exams you got left to go?

    3 more including 2 on the last day of HSC FML
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    What to do if you fail the HSC?

    so are you gunna become one 8D?
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    frenchy frenchy french.

    yep that was way too easy not even any questions on language techniques in listening/reading comprehension or anything oh well can't complain :)