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    Regarding the slut/hero female/male double standard

    To be fair, I'm not usually a fan of most of what I see passing for feminism these days. Our lives become what we focus on, and feminism seems to me to be such a hate filled negative way of seeing the world where everything is a problem and almost everything people do means that people are...
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    I'm having such a hard time trying to get over this virtual relationship?

    It's weird because there's a girl from NZ who really likes me who I met online and wants to meet up with me and she reminds me a bit like you. It's obvious she thinks about me too much, and while I'm out having fun, getting up to mischief and meeting people she's at home facebook messaging me...
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    Age, virginity, and your future

    pffft. I'm not happy with this at all. Sounds like information being interpreted in some totally unreasonable monogomous and social conditioning heavy bullcrap mainstream media way. I lost my virginity when I was 20, I'm now 22 and I've been with 12 girls. I'd probably be very different...
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    Most frustrating things that have happened to you

    Share stories of frustrating things that have happened to you opposite sex wise. Before I lost my virginity, I managed to get a girl back to my bed at my parents home, and naked except for her underwear. She wouldn't let me take them off, she said I was too drunk, so we just had foreplay for...
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    Does religion affect your view on a potential partner?

    For a serious relationship, probably a bit yeah. Of course for random flings I couldn't care less... So long as their religion doesn't involve killing people in the act of coitus or something like that.
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    Oh dear, reading about everyone's lonliness is rather depressing. :( I can definitely relate with the part about making a lot of aquiantaces at university, but no real friends that you would do stuff with outside of university. Sometimes it just takes a bit of time and luck for these things...
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    you know you're a ....

    lol, you've done that before haven't you.
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    Maths in Engineering

    what?? that's very different to how its done at Melbourne uni, first year is all basically an extension of highschool. From memory... If you did specialist maths then you will cover in Calculus 2: Limits, more on complex numbers and differentiation/integration with complex numbers, more...
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    what percentage of the population

    that sounds really interesting, I don't suppose you have a link for us?
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    Whats the size of your...?

    Yeah, but I'm not complaining... 18 months ago I was 100 kg! I think I look average / healthy in terms of my body fat now... but you're right, it wouldn't hurt to put on a bit of muscle. I don't have much since I hardly exercise and live a fairly sedentary lifestyle. I lost the weight by...
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    average teenage love story

    why? How did it end? What did you do to piss him off so much?
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    Are you Ugly?

    Right, but I don't think these two are contradictions... For me physical attraction is just a hurdle requirement... and a fairly low one too... So long as you aren't hideous, personality will be far more important. Better looks will help a little sure, but it will have a nonlinear affect...
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    Melbourne Uni: 1 year course?

    pretty sure that they don't... Unless I've just never heard about them
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    Are you Ugly?

    I can't believe I bothered to read ALL of this... And lol at completely changing topics every few pages... wow that's harsh don't be so sure. You would probably be less ugly, but if you have poor self esteem you will just pick something else "wrong" with your body to fixate on. It never...
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    your best friend

    1. Very similar in some ways, very different in others. Known him for 16 years, we met at swimming lessons when we were 3 years old. Didn't really become friends with him until the start of junior school... Our school is prep-12 so we were friends right through from the start of school to...
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    Which is easier

    depends on the individual subjects. You can basically do almost the same thing in a bachelor of science as you do in biomedicine if you plan your course that way... Also it's very subjective, many biomedicine students would struggle much more in a pure maths major in science than they would in...
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    Hmm ... three things that are always on your mind?

    Plans for the future / postgraduate work, what kind of life I want in say 2 or 3 years and what I need to do now to get there My own psychology: Who I am, my personality, why I have a tendency to act in certain ways... ect... Over analyzing recent conversations, events, ect... trying to figure...
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    Why do so many white men date/marry asian women?

    actually this reminds me of something an Asian friend of mine once said to me, he said that Asian guys have a disadvantage in the dating / romance world since asian women are generally much more open about having relationships with white men than white women are about having relationships with...
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    Whats the size of your...?

    Height: 186 cm Weight: 66 kg Shoe size: 13 and I don't look skinny! I must just have a low muscle mass lol... I can hardly do a single push up...
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    Web Comics

    Yeah I've heard good things about the dinosaur comics too but I haven't really taken a look yet so I can't really recommend it :P