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    CSSA society trial...ugh

    If you are running short of ideas in the Continuity and Change Question there are the Theories of Change to fall back on....need to identify how they apply to your Case Study in Continuity and Change. You can pretty well get them into any essay for any Depth Study as well. Worth thge effort to...
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    Save the PIP from the Board of Studies!

    While I agree that there is merit in completing a PIP I am concerned that its integrity is challenged by the less than stringent monitoring required in its completion. The sheer size of the project means that it cannot be completed at school. This opens it up for interference or influence from...
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    Congratulations to the Top 10 Achievers

    8 State schools but not sure about Rose Bay Secondary and the Community College.
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    When do we receive our PIPs back?

    Returned to schools earlier than usual last year...I think. I seem to remember them turning up in between the HSC and the end of the year.
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    Congratulations to the Top 10 Achievers

    Congratulations to all concerned BUT I find it curious that 4 girls from one school are in the Top 10 given the number of PIPs that are done in a year. I consider the whole PIP process flawed. Its less than stringent monitoring concerns me.
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    so how does one defer their course til 2008. i accepted my offer hoping it would lead to a deferral option but theres all this stuff about slecting units etc. any links at all? thankyou
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    uc next year

    wagga wagga?im goin to UC next yr and im from khs what school are you from
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    UC wtf

    so the cut-offs have dropped around 10 points and i can now pick any course except law (this is a dream come true). i am really tempted to apply for int studies/communications (journalism) instead of taking my management/int studies degree. i know there are too many questions to ask, but in your...
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    EAS at UC

    i wanna do spanish, but if i get in, ill defer to 2008, pick up some more hours at gloria jeans during this yr and try to learn some spanish basics before hittin up the lectures have you checked out the B international business and languages degree at UNE, i think i actually prefer it to the UC...
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    EAS at UC

    we have the same first preference, thats cool. i live in wagga and we are the only town in the region that doesnt come under EAS for UC's rural entry scheme. i got a 75.2 and im hoping they take me, or ill just do management and try to get the double degree 6 months in. heres what i did, go to...
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    yes my english teacher marks the hsc english papers every year (except this yr and last yr), not sure of the other teachers. i am critical of the english staffs ability at our school, but i know we are at par with our progress to other schools. I just think its insane that the top mark was 80...
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    many band 6's were achieved however in the english extension courses 1 & 2 .........................................enraged
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    k, at our school of 130 students (roughly ranked about 350), we only had one student get a band 5 for english advanced. one band 5. the top mark for english advanced was 80..... this is not right, i got 74 (ranked 34th) and our top student only got 79. isnt 80 also the state median for the last...
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    what chances...

    k, my first pref. was b. international studies/b. management @ 76.10 last yr. i scored 75.20 should it be assumed that the core degrees like management/commerce etc will remain at 75? also, i found the late offer cut-off averaged around 70 uai. all i want is my foot in the UC door, and then...
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    HSC RAW MARKS- wat u think?

    lol so do i win? i was talking about aggregate score v aligned mark, yea my bad shoulda mentioned
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    General Chatter

    Re: It's over! atleast for me >_> source 1 was fucked and i didnt feel confident about my JFK essay structure. so i dont really know how i went
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    Answers to General Maths Exam

    yea i got 29 days to you clown...and i swear to god that martha pwned that dude with her investments....we'll see 19th dec. , we'll see.........
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    Answers to General Maths Exam

    ..................... Fuck
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    HSC RAW MARKS- wat u think?

    from a non-professional.....yes, you have hope if you do awesomely again in your other exams. and standard english is scaled down, as is advanced english (but less). once you hit extension 1 english, then a score of 44 will remain as 44
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    UAI PREDICTION PLEASE!!! -- important

    no experience, but id say mid 70's for meekzy89. those ranks are decent and when compared to a state percentile, they do alright. otherwise, im fucked as our ranks are in the same position