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    uos problems

    I'm doing a Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Arts.
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    uos problems

    I am doing ECON1001 and ECMT 1010 A this semester and I did really bad in the mid sem exams and hence wish to change to political economy units of study. I looked online and ECOP1001 is only offered in semester 1 and ECOP1003 and ECOP1004 are only offered in semester 2. I am pretty certain I...
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    USYD to UNSW ?

    Currently doing a B of Arts/Education (5 years) at USYD, wanting to transfer to B Arts/Education at UNSW (4 years). Worth it or is it just better to stay at USYD?
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    anyone know how to study for this ?
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    What exactly is it? I was told I need it for engl1026
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    legal or business?

    Business - main emphasis on vocabulary Legal - know your case studies/ articles, etc..
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    Renting vs buying textbooks

    I paid $180 something for the case study book and the micro textbook from the coop bookshop
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    1st week

    Oh thank you so much ! I just looked. Also, some of classes just say the building name - doesnt have a specific room or anything
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    1st week

    Is first week all just lectures and no tutes ?
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    Sounds good, thanks !
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    Not too sure what bag to take to uni or how much I will even be carrying
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    TFN problems

    I got the same email. It said to have the TFN by 8th of March or just a certificate of application. Are the ATO able to provide me with a cert of application on the spot when I apply again or do you think I would need to wait for it to come in the mail ?
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    TFN problems

    I had applied for a TFN for about 3 weeks ago and I get the form back in the mail today saying " I have no provided sufficient proof identity". I will be visiting the shop front tomorrow to see what's wrong. My question right now is; what happens if I am not able to provide a TFN by the census...
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    Good weekly salary for a uni student

    Are there any call centre's hiring ? (besides the one already on seek)
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    Online shopping

    What are some good online websites you shop at ?
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    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    I got told I'm in the blue group too. Really having second thoughts upon if I wanna go or not
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    Would you recommend buying textbooks and that now ?
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    Timetable problems

    I don't think I like USYD anymore :( .. too much walking
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    Timetable problems

    Yeahs, I was thinking about changing but then I'll end up with like 3-4 hours break. I'll just see how I go. Thanks everyone !
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    Noob question

    Thank you ! Also, a few of my lectures are back to back and they are literally on other sides of the campus. Does it matter if I'm late? lol