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    ECOP Question/Opinion

    ECOP3014 P.E of development - highly useful if you want to enter that arena, but (in a good way), you'll never look at aid, trade, the developing world, or 'slumdog millionaire' in the same way again. Plus it is very in tune to ongoing debates re. current global crises. Unsurprisingly, it's...
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    ECOP Question/Opinion

    I didn't see this comment at first. 1. Marxian theories are more systematically deconstructed and critiqued in the more theoretical units (hence my suggestion to consider them, even if only as a pass unit). But in the case of ECOP3012, since neoclassical views are so entrenched in the Global...
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    ECOP Question/Opinion

    Start rant. This 'reds under the beds' line from you is kinda getting old, I feel the need to intervene (no pun intended), to alleviate any fears others may have from your posts. And having done a double major in ECOP (meaning I've done more units than most) I'd say I'm perfectly qualified. I...
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    Subject Reviews (with PDF compilation)

    Re: Subject Reviews (PDF updated 17/01/09) ECOP3014 International Development and Trade (now Political Economy of Development) Ease: 9/10 Well structured. Covers a few of the same themes as P.E of Human Rights. Typical Assessment structure (1000w paper 20%, 2000w essay 40%, participation...
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    int. studies: USYD or UNSW?

    The new B. Int and Glob. Studies at Sydney combines the old B. Int Studies (which was generally more political/economic in focus) with the old B. Global Studies (which was generally more sociological/anthropological). The range of core units for 'B. I. G. S.' reflect this. However, whether the...
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    Economics versus Political Economy

    I think perhaps, in the defence of tutors, when it comes to their political ideologies, they're damned if they don't reveal them (and students are presumably smart enough to pick up on it), but they're also damned if they do reveal them, given the likelihood some students might hold it against...
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    Economics versus Political Economy

    Actually 'Political Economy' is also code for Keynesianism at other unis (and just that). Apparently that's what it's like at At UNSW, they apparently don't go much further than Keynesianism (people apparently walk away from ECOP at UNSW ... as milton friedman fans!). ECOP at Usyd is much, much...
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    B Economic & Social Sciences

    If you're focussing on HR, perhaps try and decide what uni you'd prefer for HR rather than the course itself. I've only done one IR/HR subject so I can't really comment. Compare the subjects offered by each Uni (Sydney seems to have more than uts). As for B. Ec. Soc. Sci, now that it's in...
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    Unit of Study Outline Exchange

    For Semester 2, 2008 ASNS2664 Southeast Asia Transformed ECOP3014 International Development and Trade
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    Subject Reviews (with PDF compilation)

    Re: Subject Reviews (Updated PDF on first post) ASNS2618 Remaking China 1949 - Present Ease: 9/10 Not sure how well the rest of the cohort did, but if you've done some social or critical theory, and epistemology, this is a remarkably easy course. It's fairly interdisciplinary, and so would...
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    Subject Reviews (with PDF compilation)

    Re: Subject Reviews (Updated PDF on first post) ECOP3018 Economic Policy Ease: 6/10 The material seemed straight-forward enough, but the marking criteria standards were a little unclear. There was a group essay worth 30% (unlike in 2007 under Frank), a 2500-3000 final essay (35%), a final exam...
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    Winter Break Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Winter Break '08 Chatter Thread Get a credit card
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    Have you had a look at the Subject Reviews? There's some on ECOP1002/1003 there. Unfortunately, ECOP1001 with Frank is a huge act to follow and it seems many people come away a little disappointed with ECOP in Semester 2, so you need to go in with lower expectations. But if you need or want to...
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    Yeah, wages could be increased to provide a stronger financial incentive, but as previously mentioned, do people really do these jobs for the money? Ideally, do we want nurses/doctors/teachers who only do it for the money? Wouldn't it be 'cheaper' to wholly subsidise a teacher/nurse/doctor's...
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    Quad Latin = main quadrangle?

    Had a GOVT lecture in the quad last semester, in Oriental Room (which is just as bad as Quad Latin 2), and though it was a nice change of scenery, I probably would've swapped it for Merewether or East Ave. The Oriental and Latin rooms are complete fire hazards, if anyone needs to leave everyone...
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    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Semester 1 Chatter Thread Yeah. It's weird. Is GOVT still using blackboard? Way too many mixed messages.
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    Semester 1 Chatter Thread (2008)

    Re: Semester 1 Chatter Thread Yeah. It's weird. Is GOVT still using blackboard? Way too many mixed messages.
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    Unit of Study Outline Exchange

    For Semester 1, 08 ECOP3018 Economic Policy
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    Semester 1, 2008 Timetables

    Friend did Performance Studies where one lecturer would try to ask as many students as possible a question in each lecture, so as to note down their name and sneakily mark them on a roll. It was a pretty small class, I don't know if anyone failed for non attendance. Tutors in Asian Studies for...
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    arts subjects

    A pretty good intro into a completely different area of study you've never really covered before, but since it's about employment, if affects anyone that works (or wants/needs to anyway, which is most people). As such, tutes are interesting and most people can relate to the topics at hand...