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    Movies that Make you Cry :'(

    End of Terminator 2, every time. Cried when I first saw it when I was 3, cry when I'm 18.
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    ITT: rank james bond actors

    Connery Dalton Craig Lazemby Moore Brosnan
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    Whats the maximum mark you can "without" a case study.

    Haha, nah, last term, my teacher bet me I couldn't do a good essay with those companies. He said he would mark it, and if it was good, he'd let me use them and buy me lunch. 19/20 later....
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    Whats the maximum mark you can "without" a case study.

    I used VB and Durex condoms as my case studies. (srs)
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    Allnighter anyone?

    It's my birthday tomorrow. So I will most likely not sleep anyway (I'm like a 5 year old) So I will cram till sleep, wake up, eat pancakes, open presents, get ready, then read notes and whatnot.
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    What are you going to do the moment you finish your HSC ?

    Light up one of the Cuban Cigars I have, the second "pens down" is called.
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    how to dance at formal

    Knock back a dozen Liquid Golds, then let your body do its stuff.
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    End of school pranks

    Number pigs 1, 2, 4 and 5 and release them throughout the school.
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    ATAR Estimate

    School 150-200 Standard English 10-30/111 Modern History 5/39 Ancient History 20/41 Economics 7/10 Business Studies 9/45 Enough to get 70?
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    Thinking of using Rambo: First Blood as a related text for belonging.

    So people, what do you think? Yay or Nay?
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    ATAR Estimate please

    Commerce at MacQ, gave up on my HSC long ago, so happy with these estimates.
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    ATAR Estimate please

    Awesome, that's what I'm aiming for, cheers guys.
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    ATAR Estimate please

    School rank fluctuates from year to year, lowest it's been is 210, average around 150. Standard English 8/111 Modern History 4/39 Ancient History 8/43 Ecos 3/10 Business Studies 9/41
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    Just won 100k on a TAB Multi, wat do?

    As the title says, I just won 100,000 on a TAB Multi, haven't even got my P's yet and was wondering what a good car would be inside my budget. Would like something I can legally drive on my P's (obviously). So far I'm thinking of a BMW 135i Convertable, or a Volkwagen Golf R.