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    Art Express?

    Does that mean that those art students who didnt make the first selection didnt get 45 or more out of 50, im rather confused. I'm rather frustrated with how the markers interpret what we have done with our works. I got 47/50 for my major work and it was very conceptual...the meaning was...
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    exam: which artists?

    I did Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, and Damien Hirst. It must be hard for you guys to focus on more then 3. I managed to write 14 pages on the three referring to at least 2 artworks from each artists. Talked about- 'Blue Poles', 'Autumn Rhythm', 'Green Coca Cola Bottles', 'Gold Marilyn Monroe'...
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    Stupid exam...

    The exam i thought was pretty good as a whole. All the photographs and artworks in question 1 a), b), c) were pretty straight forward in relation to relating them to the question on practice, frames, and conceptual framework. Did many people do question 7 on the conceptual framework about the...
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    Art Express?

    im sorry i don't agree... that EVERYONE who got shortlisted were ALL the people who got 45 or above. My friend last year didn't get shortlisted or anything for art express, yet he got 96 as his final mark, so im guessing that he would have gotten above 45 for his major work.
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    Art Express?

    wow! what school do you go to? that is amazing!
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    Art Express?

    i wouldnt worry, art was my complete passion as well, my artwork was very prolific used so many matierials, followed the syllabus and got in my high 90's 4 it.. i thought the markers may may have chosen a theme on natural disasters, due to the tsunami disasters, hurricane Katrina etc,,,i had an...
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    Do you lose marks for doing Pathways?

    I'm a pathways student, in my final year and trust me it isnt as easy as you think. Im doing well because i find that doing athletics really keeps a balance with my studies. If your not psychologically prepared i wouldnt do it because i know my friends from athletics who have done and lost...
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    Art Express?

    what school do you go to? thats so good, what were the major works based on? because if they r looking for a theme id like to know what it is.
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    Did anybody else find the exam easy?

    yeh with cvd and cancer because tobacco smoking was mainly to do with cvd i chose a instead of b) Herdity may have been the obvious one for b. All three in a) are contributors to both, who knows, some of those m/c were difficult to decifer. Besides them , i did well in all sections, the last two...
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    PDHPE exam was a sick joke

    I thought that the exam was entirely fair in the questions that they asked. It comes down to how prepared you were and how knowledgable you were of the syllabus and how good your knowledge is on different types of sports. Comparing this exam to legal studies which was unfair in the questions...
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    2005 HSC Art Major works

    Mr Lloyd...did you get into Art express?
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    Art Express?

    Congrats to everyone who did make it in, im kind of annoyed i didnt get in, i topped my year in Visual Arts this year and did an installation to do with natural disasters- got 47/50. I was wondering if it means now i didnt get above 45 by the board of studies? I'll probably have to try really...
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    Mulitple choice answers

    are you saying that long jump doesnt need any improvements, and is easy to pick up!? in terms of motivation for long jump, you need to be highly motivated and explosive when you make the jump...why do you think a long jumper gets the crowd going before they jump? With a golf putt...think about...
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    Mulitple choice answers

    q)20 whats with question 20, tennis serve, long jump, hammer throw, are all highly motivated ........ why wouldnt it be a golf putt.....loss of motivation by a person practising a golf putt?
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    Art Express?

    my school hasnt found out yet its in north sydney so maybe they do it by areas?