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    Getting School Marks revised now?

    Well seeing as i did my best when no one else bothered to continue trying to get help from them...and they would just keep refusing... Im not going to blame this as a failure on my behalf, cause it isnt at all. Thanks for the answer though
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    Share your 2009 ATAR here

    88.35 calc said 85-6 my stupid EE2 internal mark thanks to our teachers being idiots dragged me down out of the 90s :( so im happy but still majorly cut
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    Getting School Marks revised now?

    i know its probably ridiculously late to be considering this, but i kindve have no other options. I got an atar of 88.35, which you know, is good, not great, and im happy with it even though i didnt get what i needed. But i was aligning my school marks with my hsc marks and comparing them, and...
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    ^ FINALLY a straight answer hahaha, thank you! It seems all the schools are getting them back staggered and across weeks, and i suppose we find out when that happens and we come to pick them up, whether ours is nominated. Hoping, still, still hoping... fingers crossed! =] congrats to those...
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    Do you have any portrait drawing tips.

    i myself struggle the most with hair. Honestly, sketching is just a matter of patience and a test of observance. If your drawing from a photograph its easiest, you can even cheat a little and open it in photoshop or something and put up a large grid over the image, so give you a sense of...
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    Student commits suicide

    Honestly whilst i consider this sad and also recognize we dont know the full story...i think its blown out of proportion. a year 10 student? Stress? a TERM paper? whats the big deal. his parents [according to the article] said they would SORT IT OUT. i think there was more to it, but that kind...
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    Dreaming of the HSC

    hahah dont worry, your not the only one. a month back or something i started dreaming of getting my english extension one rank back- cause our teacher kept forgetting them- and all this weird stuff was happening like in one all these people i always beat were above me and i was totally pissed...
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    Vis Arts exam

    bahahaha not prepared at all, and because its art...that means pretty much set ;) plus our art teacher is renowned for marking hard so whatever the case our marks from trials are going to go up, which is always a good thing. i was wondering, how much is this exam ACTUALLY worth? is it 25%...
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    Although its a littllee late to be thinking this...

    So i was just thinking over it in my head, and yes all fellow visual art students [who are probably grinding their teeth over the date of visual arts- if your like me, ive had 11 days off and clearly none of that has gone to study] anyway, so our school mark is worth 50%? and therefore our...
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    How many units do you do? Anyone do 14+?

    i go to a selective school thats ranked top 20 in the state, and were actually DISCOURAGED from doing more than 10/11 units. 12 is possible, but just look at it this way; everyone argues 12 is good cause you MIGHT choke and mess up in the exam, you still have 10 units of good marks to fall back...
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    How exactly does the HSC work?

    ^ re the above theyre not sortve mutually exclusive [im almost finished my hsc and i only JUST figured this out like a month or two ago] anyway so school marks contribute to your ranking, which is pretty much your "fallback" for the hsc in case you totally stuff it up. what they do is for...
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    Romanticism practice papers

    ^ urgh, understand exactly how you feel romanticism is one of my favourite subjects and each time id absolutely kill myself trying to do the best i can, and always ended up just above average, its really frustrating!!:hammer: still at it for the hsc... thanks for starting this thread also, its...
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    Why are atheists on this website always attacking Christianity?

    belonging to neither of those belief systems i think i can safely say that people get frustrated with the methodologies christianity exemplifies, of religion and politics. plainly put, people are fucking sick of things like the bible, commandments, [the 'new' commandments] and the completely...
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    ^ The 2nd way is considered more sophisticated, so you should aim for that, because your integrating the texts with each point you have, so it works better for comparing and supporting your point in a variety of ways. that said, if you do the first way much better than the benefits of the 2nd...
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    haha ahey dont feel bad, my reports due next friday and none of my research ahs been ALL that helpful- cause ive only written like 2500 words! -_- so annoying.
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    Ext. II English people- Finished your first draft yet?

    :) viva voce is done, report next week, havent written a complete first draft or more than give or take about 2500 words. thisll be fun.
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    Assessment: Report

    ill tell you whats horrible and ridiculous? our report word limit is 1500 WORDS -_- and ive done tons and tons of research but nothing....heaps important really, its a fiction story and im just winging it. luckily i DID check this out, and its just over a week before its due =] so thanks for...
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    Subject choices for yr12

    hey guys, so wandering, what subjects is everybody doing for next year? Keeping 12units or dropping down to 10? How many major works, if any? Also, i need an opinion. i knooowww everyone says it just depends on you, but just looking for some views. Currently doing 12 units, but one coarse is...