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    Undergraduate Representative to the University Senate 2006

    Re: um... ok wtf. SRC elections. That Duncan dude was wandering around the corridoors of my college on tuesday night, asking everyone to sign their names on pre-filled out voting slips. First time I've seen him in non-2d form.
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    Orientation Week 2006

    Re: O-week I don't remember them saying anything about (straight) men turning us all into slaves at the Q-tea. In fact, the whole thing seemed to be about letting people know that they are in an environment where they can be open about their sexuality, and that there are other people like...
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    Most impressive subject

    PSYCH1001 - Dr. Lisa Zadrow was great. MUSC1506 - Anne Boyd is teacher and tutor, I was impressed.
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    Orientation Week 2006

    Q-tea Anyone going to this o-week event? Anyone been previously? Any comments on it?
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    USyd Enrolment WAS HELLLL!!!!

    What that it were!
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    USyd Enrolment WAS HELLLL!!!!

    If you look carefully, you may notice that "your and idiot" has more than one mistake in it. That was the joke.
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    USyd Enrolment WAS HELLLL!!!!

    No really, I missed it!
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    USyd Enrolment WAS HELLLL!!!!

    Long and inefficient enrollment made me miss my train! Your and idiot!
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    Arts Network Mentoring Program

    When I went online to enrol in the mentoring program, it said it was already full :( I guess ill end up wandering around the arts faculty, aimless and alone.
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    BoS USyders 2006! (Roll Call)

    B Liberal Studies
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    I also would like to know this.
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    Music 2 - How Did You Go??!!

    Nigel Sabin
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    Best in State

    No, it is the raw mark that UAC use. This fact is made explicit on the UAC Technical Reports on Scaling.
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    Question 4

    Music 2 - Question 4 What did you guys think of Question 4? I thought it was pretty weird asking us about our Additional Topic. I wasn't prepared for that. Fortunately, my pieces were pretty easy to remember.
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    Schapelle Corby

    I wonder what the public and political reaction would be if she was sentenced to death...
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    A-Z of classical composers

    G- Glinka, Mikhail
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    A-Z of classical composers

    B - Bach, Johann Sebastian
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    Should Pope John Paul II be made a saint?

    Well there are stages to becoming a saint... Like beatification, canonization and the other one. I believe they have to have performed a miracle. He was a decent pope but I would not say he is saint material. edit: apparently they ask for four authentic miracles for beatification and a...
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    Bastard homophobes

    Well, the people who opposed interracial marriage are the same people who are opposing homosexual marriage. (not literally)
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    Bastard homophobes

    In a lot of ways, the current controversy over orientation is reminiscent of the African-American fight for rights in the 50’s. It is with the same scorn and disgust that we look back on somebody from that era saying “I’m racist and proud of it,” that people in fifty years will think of...