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    Post 5 great songs that most people haven't heard

    best song ever YouTube - Flea Market Montgomery - Long Version
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    my priorities for a typical week 1. work 2. get smashed 3. find the best cure for hangover 4. worry about how much i have spent 5. when money left- think of ways to spend it. when no money left- TV/comp become my priorites 6. if still time left in the day mabe see what goin on in the...
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    O camp 2010

    i heard that some of the lectures come with you and they kinda tell you what to expect to learn in thier classes and what sort of standard they are looking when they mark exams n stuff . i rekon it could help out and plus you might actually know the person sitting next to you in your first lecture.
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    the use of the slingshot effect in the Voyager space shuttle program

    the slingshot effects is used to give the space shuttle extra momentum that allows it to travel further and faster with minimal uses of its on board fuel.
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    Tutor vs Bridging course??

    i enrolled into uts to day for civil engineering (structural) n was just wondering is it worth doin like 2 weeks of bridging course or i should just ask my old tutor to give me like a term of tutoring. i didnt do chemstry for hsc n i only did 2 unit maths. so should i go 2 my tutor for a term...
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    Rediness Test

    im goin on thus day 2 but i dont think its will be a hsc sort of exam, the email said "survey" so im hoping its not an exam that you have 2 study for.
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    you gotta talk bout Einsteins relativity n stuff. like why you can never reach the speed of light.. faster you travel, mass increase therefore require more fuel to increase speed which again adds to weight. faster you go slower the time get for the astronauts allowing them to stay in space...
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    Who got call for early round offer for civil engineering?

    lol i got a call from Wollongong for B civil engineering/ B commerce in the morning and then in the arvo i got a call from UTS for B engineering. i was just short of reaching the cutoff for UTS aswell.
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    How did everyone go ?

    i got a hsc mark of 81 what did you get?
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    How do you steer?

    i use ma index finger.. lol love power steering :)
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    do the asians hard to adjust to the life in MQ?

    Re: Why you guys hate asians so much?? well said..
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    ATAR in the newspaper?

    i think only like tha 200 or sumfin like tha are posted, cause i think one of ma cuz got his name printed in the newspaper for getting somfin really gud
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    AHH shit i got like 57 mm.. Dude it b a little hard to draw them from top of your head.
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    what did u guys get for ur diameter for the bot question?
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    what did every1 get for the when we had to find the load in the cable when they gave us the strain, youngs moduls and area. i got somthing like 17500KN n i was just like WTF?
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    Anyone else find MC pretty hard? YES i was struggling through all of it, any1 wanna post their answers? so i know how shit i went in it lol
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    How did every1 else go? i fell pretty good even thought i finished that exam in like 2 hr. did any1 else see the mistake the Board of studies made. when we had to name advantages and disadvantages of the 3 cables, they had a picture of shielded twisted pair but underneath it they asked to...
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    Engineering Marathon

    What is Precipitate hardening?
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    Engineering Marathon

    thas a tough one >Annealing- when the ferrous metal is heated in a furnace above its critical temperature and to a point when its uniformaliy austinite, the metal is then cooled at control temperature within the furnace. the metal can return to equlibrium state, achiving larger unstressed...