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    Speech pathology at ACU

    Hey guys, currently doing speech and hearing at MQ but was thinking of transferring and wanted to know what the course was like here. Realized a thread below mentioned it being terrible overall and to not go there but its been a year. Has it gotten better or am I just better off staying at MQ?
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    Transfer from Macquarie to Usyd?

    hey guys, just had a a moment of thought today and I felt like what Macquarie had to offer me in terms of my course (Speech & hearing) isn't exactly what I want/need. I had a look at the Uni websites about transferring and I am still a little bit confused. Could someone clarify the...
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    HSC2013 School Rankings

    I'm 513th... wow lol :(
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    Are textbooks a necessity?

    Past papers are your best friends, they provide you with the best exposure + preparation for the HSC. Notes and textbooks to me were a source of clarification on anything I was not understanding clearly or getting wrong when doing the past papers.
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    HSC Biology exam paper

    They had 2 complete questions last year, One asking about the size estimation of RBC and a question on enzyme activity influenced by temp, ph and substrate conc. everything else was around search for better health haha. I think the stuff testing on skills and whatnot only get heavier each year
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    HSC Biology exam paper

    I think this year's paper might be based on skills and pracs because chemistry barely had any of it and they normally test them in either chem or bio. So learn your validity and reliability factors people!!! Those things always steals me of my marks haha. I do hope it's on maintaining a balance...
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    General Thoughts: SOR I

    I thought the exam was great! :) I was in fear of section III to be some really annoying quote. But I liked how it was opened to discussion as if it was giving you the chance to not screw up lmfao. I spoke about the Hasidims and related their ideas and revitalization of the basics of Judaism...
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    Band 6, Band 5,cutoffs?

    Lol fantastic. Been living a life of lies hahah
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    Band 6, Band 5,cutoffs?

    Is the chem marking scheme really that hard? :/ I would be so devo especially if the teachers at my school who have been in hsc marking have been been drilling in the idea of "markers actually try to give you marks"
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    Only a few days left!

    me too !!! I thought I was the only one lol. Good luck :)
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    Only a few days left!

    Oh my lord good luck :( you'll do fine in ext after all the posts I remember reading from you. Lol chemistry can go suck a fat one... So over it. I'd be lucky to even get a band 4 really.
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    Only a few days left!

    I really have no motivation for ext... I have chemistry the day after and then religion the day after chemistry. Talk about major CBF syndrome haha
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    After the Bomb Predictions

    Well after going through that paper with my teacher, she said that this is where you have to focus on the interplay of specifically the personal and political paradigms, but also reference the others i.e. scientific and religious to elaborate your answer. But I guess everyone has different...
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    Related texts for belonging - As You Like It?

    I used the film This is England '83 by Shane Meadows. I highly recommend this film haha it's a good watch and a good study for belonging
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    Essay structure

    I hate how ext questions can be tackled in 2 ways... i.e. either by themes or text -_- I sometimes feel like it is forcing you to come in and write an essay on the spot and not vomit something haha. But if i do it by themes, am I doing it by themes in accordance to paradigms or just themes in...
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    Essay structure

    I've had so much mixed feedback on this question :/ From teachers, from past extension students, everyone. I know it's clearer to do it by text but I've also been told that by integrating your texts and doing it by themes, it shows that you're looking at the bigger picture like the concerns of...
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    2013 math difficulty

    YES! I felt like the paper did not follow the order of being easy to difficult. Felt like it was all over the place and that it was so complex lol ...
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    Essay structure

    Hey guys, for ATB, have you guys structured the body of your paragraph by themes or by texts in isolation??
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    After the Bomb Predictions

    They have asked for personal and political in their 2009 paper. I hope it's kept general because that will be a lifesaver lol
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    My writing has been described as looking like occasional "heart beats". I am definitely screwed hahah