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    My max possible UAI?

    Scaling always freaks everyone out. I wouldn't stress too much about it now, you can't unselect your subjects. And it's utter rubbish that you can't do well. Hell, I did Gen Maths, Adv English, Legal, Food Tech, SOR I and Tourism & Hospitality and got 92.5. Scaling is complex to calculate. As I...
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    I dont know: EDucation at Sydney or Wollongong?

    Heya, I'm biased, cos I'm an edu student at Sydney, but I have to tell you, you couldn't ask for a better place to study! It's really a wonderful atmosphere and has great facilities and friendly people.
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    Q24 biii

    With the bit about 900.. alot of people I know thought that was her annual gross income, rather than her monthly gross income.
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    question 23 answers

    I got 50 as well.. you have to remember to mulitply h/3 not add...
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    question 27

    But why is it 5/18?
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    am I the only one?

    I thought the exam was okay.. I really didn't like the commercial cookery one but!!! As for internal factors etc, internal means ones inside the establishment (i.e. menu pricing, food safety blah blah blah) and external are the ones outside the control of the business (i.e. terrorist attacks - I...
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    Module A - Transformations

    Powerplay, what?
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    my thoughts on the adv modules paper

    I did mine in the first person, to a degree - as much as you can for an article!
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    my thoughts on the adv modules paper

    Ah, but he/she would most likely (seeing as they were doing it as a HSC supplement for the telling the truth unit) have been more of a Rob Sitch type, condemming the practices of others in the media, and the hunger of the general public to be lied to, rather than condemning the media as an entity.
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    my thoughts on the adv modules paper

    Hehe, I'm sure they won't do that! And even if they do, who'll know?!
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    my thoughts on the adv modules paper

    I think the primary point of the journalist concept for a HSC supplement was to establish firstly the style and then the tone.
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    my thoughts on the adv modules paper

    I wouldn't worry too much if I were you! They realise we're rushed and can't do such a thorough job as we ordinarily would, and remember, everyone is in the same boat when it comes to being pushed for time, it's all relative! Chin up.
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    Sorry to do this, but UAI prediction please!!!

    Hi, I'm really sorry to inconvenience anyone, but I'd really appreciate it if anyone had the chance to estimate my UAI. I go to a girls school, I'm not sure of the ranking, but it's not that bad, I don't think. My marks are okay, but my subjects are a bit crap... Studies of Religion (1U)...
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    Um, is there someone who could give me some UAI advice please?

    Ummm yep! Ok.. TH marks don't count cos it's calculated on the trial and HSC exam, and I haven't done that trial yet. General Maths, my marks have pretty much ranged from say 80 - 97ish. Last one was 97.5% English is all over the place, from the 70's mainly to the high 80's. Legal Studies is...
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    Um, is there someone who could give me some UAI advice please?

    Hey... sorry I'm new to the forum.. and was hoping that someone might be able to give me a ball-park estimate about my UAI.. I go to an independant Catholic School thats ranked 2nd in our area, only next to a selective school. My subjects, well to be blunt, they suck. I was in some kind of...