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    Orientation camp

    Thanks! Much appreciated.. =)
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    Orientation camp

    Where can we give the form in? I've already had enrollment day and didn't see any mention of it...
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    Acceptance Deadline

    UTS: Start at UTS - University of Technology, Sydney
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    I didn't do MX1

    Why not do a bridging course? Look it up on the UTS for enrolled students I think?
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    Main round offers

    You can accept your preliminary offer, then (if it was your first preference) change your prefs and still receive another offer in the main round. Then if you decide to accept the main round offer, you can withdraw from the offer you accepted. Right??
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    Who else got a phone call?!?!

    Got exact same call as the OP, for civil engineering too.
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    UAI estimate

    Hey all, another UAI estimate now that I've done trails I'm aiming for 85+, assuming I do very well in HSC, do you think this will be possible? English Advanced: >90% - 1st/17 Modern History: >90% - 1st/15 Ancient History: >90% - 2nd/14 Chemistry: ~75% - 3rd/7 Maths 2...
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    UAI question

    Somewhere in the bottom 200 :/
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    UAI question

    Hey, My aim is a UAI of 85+, here's where I stand: English Advanced ~ 93% 1st Modern History ~ 92% 1st Ancient History ~ 87% 2nd Maths 2 unit ~ 90% ~5th Chemistry ~ 85% ~3rd I'm fairly sure that where I'm at is ranked pretty low on the list.. at least the standards seem fairly low, ie it...
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    >>>>>>>Any drummers or bass players?

    Eh, I posted in the other thread you made...I play bass, and I'm open to all genres and styles (so long as you got integrity). :D
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    >>>>>>>Any drummers or bass players?

    Can't be that hard to find a couple of token males for a girly band ;) Hehe I know it's hard to find bass players ey ... well I'm one of the few, I'd be interested for sure though not exactly 'in the area' but I can travel. Added you to msn.
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    Subjects - Advice Needed

    Is the VET course Information Technology Frameworks (cert II)? If so, I'd probably stay away from it, especially if it means dropping a subject you like. If you're interested in IT, the best way to start is to learn by doing, on your own. This only works if you're really interested in it...
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    Ancient History Site, Help and Questions - Read More

    It's a nice idea and I'll take some time to read through your stuff and offer suggestions...but I wasn't sure if you're encouraging us to use your website itself as a source?
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    My Guide to HSC at TAFE.

    1. As far as I know, it's completely seperate. 2. Yes, you can definately do that. 3. How are we to know if we weren't there? BTW, what tafe?
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    Hsc At Tafe?

    When I went to enrolment day and paid, no one said anything about getting a photo for the tafecard, but now I read that you're not enrolled until you have the photo taken? Is it ok if I just get that done on induction day (monday)?
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    Need a focus for my HIP!

    Have you read any homer? Reading some of your ideas for questions - man, I can feel the blood rush from my head just thinking about the amount of research needed and number of sources involved. Perhaps you could look into the differing translations of Homer, and their context, etc. His works...
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    Australia day..what it really means to be "Aussie"

    Hey, Assuming this isn't some wierd english experiment (why is it in this section of the forums?) I'll try to answer you. In my opinion, whether one conforms to the "Aussie" stereotype or not, has no bearing on their being an Australian. The stereotype will always be there, and so perhaps it...
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    Motivational biographies

    If you're looking for motivational, you can't go past Malcom X
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    Help with refining question

    Out of curiosity, what differing historical perspectives have you found on this issue? It's certainly an interesting area, but to me it seems the real point of interest is the overall mindset, perspective and philosophy of the Japanese during that time, and how that changed. Unless you have...
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    Questions - Gymea tafe HSC 2008

    Anyone from here doing it? Just quickly, does anyone know about the date for the info day for HSC 2008 at Gymea tafe? Is it just the session on the 30th that I need to go to, or is there something before that? Also, having finished year 11 already, can I do *only* year 12 in the one year, or do...