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    Laptops for Uni

    Re: How helpful is a laptop at university? fuck me sideways, your asking about a laptop for 2010? i recommend getting a pentium VI when they get invented in 2010.
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    STAT Test 2008 - Session details?

    they will be the exact same days as 2007. well not the exact day, but same week of the month. u know what i mean Vaaaalvoline
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    MedSc Student Times

    8 am starts. suck shit :D
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    O-Week: Worth it?

    yeah these guys are generally referred to as toolies.:uhhuh:
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    UTS engineering to UNSW

    UTS babysits you like tafe and Highschool does, UNSW and Usyd is more the pure univeristy experience. self learning where if you study hard you get the results, if you dont u fail like shit. UTS even if you dont study hard, you still pass, doesnt reward high acheivers who work hard...
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    Corey Davis Case

    dont you mean the corey worthington/delaney case???
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    medical science...useless?

    most people do fail to get into med. so yes most people in medsc do fail :)
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    Clincial Science--->Medicine Pathway

    check the fine print of the course. Must Finish the Degree takes 3 years. Have to have a competitive GPA Have to sit GAMSAT and get a good grade. Have to live in a rural area for you to qualify for those 10 places. So how is this any different to any other Science related degree...
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    Applying for transfer in Jan 08 for Mar 08 start

    good on ya man
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    Medsci to Medicine

    NSW wide there are thousands new graduates and students in Med Sci, not to mention B.Sci, Forensic Sci, BioMedical, Biomedical Engineering, Advance Sci etc etc. Are there really thousands of retirements and jobs created in hospitals every year? you do the maths
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    aircon trains

    most go "city circle" after they reach the city so they loop around. some do go straight through
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    Self-catered uni accommodation

    2 words, one name, "George Foreman"
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    Late Round baby!!!!

    so how does one get in a course where they have a UAI of 12 points below the cut-off??
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    So who made it to BSc (Advanced)?

    Me Me Me!!! Lol
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    Bsc (advanced maths)

    see ya there next month markzada. i coming to get you!!!
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    Late Round baby!!!!

    no need, just accept your late round. your new uni will tell them to fuck off
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    Late Round baby!!!!

    oops i meant see next month assholes
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    Late Round baby!!!!

    Yay got into B.Sci Advanced. Yeah baby!!!!! see ya next year assholes
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    What are you doing this year?

    yeah but cant u just enroll in a TAFE course to start out with that dont require yr 12? then you can transfer to your cop uni course later.