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    How use all go for RE

    yeh stupid exams cant leave till an hour after finished in 30min had time to go toilet lol didnt know wat i was writing it was hard but did i study no btw im STupendis i forgot my log in name so i had to make one up
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    To the stooges who wrote more than 8 pages per question

    lol well i hated in the WIld ....for neone that did like it Stuff u WordsWorth was bullshnit Maluof was terrible n then to top it off i rambled on about transcending i did good for 3.5 pages then Citizen Kane i hated that movie 3.5 pages n then Telling the truth that was the best i...
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    Cheating in exams

    i know a person that put lil quotes that they shortened down to a couple key words inbetween there fingers they managed to get away wid it i fink it was in the english paper first test
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    How do you think you went?

    i prefered the first paper compared to the second i did 3.5 pages 5.5 n 3.5 all good for an hours work i found this paper to be bullshit but then again i hated it so it didnt really matter i had enough and when i finished writing it in an hour i walked out 12.5 pages in an hour is not...
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    Okay. Confess, who else HATED this exam?

    well considering that i didnt study i finished the test in an hour and i just walked out i had enough i was at the point that i was writing bullshit but the long essay question one of them bout the design brief i did 5nhalf pages so i was luky heheh cbf sitting there for ages so after...
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    Answers to General Paper

    for question 22 this is wat i done i dont know if its right though i got 58.06 and looking at it 1.44 is roughly 2 or more australian dollars .62 is one dollar 1.24 is like 2 etc so wouldnt it be the 58.06 one