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    unusual finds in your MDP box?

    Thanks so much, girls. Your words are very inspirational! I'm trying to avoid falling into the last-minute norm, fingers crossed! Are you all going to follow a textiles-related career?
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    Successful flexible entry application to USYD's BA (Media and Communications)

    Thanks for the great posts! This information is crucial. I still have a year to go, but I guess it's never too early to prepare. I have had two consecutive years' work experience at Girlfriend. Since I ultimately wish to work in magazines, what do you think about it? Thanks x
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    Creative Works for 2010

    Hey guys. Just wondering what everyone is doing for their creative subjects major works. I do textiles and am thinking of doing a costume or item that falls into Textiles art. Is anyone wondering when to start? Does anyone have a plan on how to move forward without leaving it to the last...
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    Handy Hints for the School Certificate

    The best tip is to take a deep breath and relax. Also, study the core concepts of your subjects rather than the more ambiguous. The SC questions (and even HSC, to some extent) are quite generic due to it being a state-wide paper. The questions will require basic answers - giving you ample room...
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    Future Plans: What ATAR/course/job are you aiming for?

    I'm hoping to do a BA in Media/Communications wherever it is available. At this point in time (still one year to go), I am overlooking universities' prestige. What is the difference, really? I guess they all accomplish same criteria equivalence on national syllabus, don't they? I didn't know UTS...
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    unusual finds in your MDP box?

    Hopefully tissue paper means all things positive :) Good luck girls. I have just started year 12 and finally made a decision about my MTP. I am thoroughly excited! There's always that feeling that everything's been done before, you know? ... What did you all make?