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    Thoughts on Music 1 Aural Exam

    I thought about writing kazoo, but a little ounce of intuition told me that 12-century music would probably not be arranged with a kazoo part XD I thought the string instrument was a lute but who knows??? I thought that was the hardest question on the test. For the last one, once I...
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    band cut offs

    question ten was good... well wouldve been if i hadnt wasted so much time on 8 and 9!!!! (in response to previous statements) i want 90, but thats looking increasingly unlikely.
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    Communication Option

    I did the different lenses too. but I didn't really see how that modeled accommodation? Cataract surgery!!! Ahh i wrote refractive. Pah! and that ear question was death. I really thought i could've done better on the genetics question. I curse myself for not doing it!!! =(
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    Module B- Navigating the Global

    i didnt like it much. ran out of time. creative was OK.
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    extension 1 - navigating the global???

    yeah im not in need of texts yet.... but a nice general explanation would be much appreciated. i say to much teacher "so what exactly does it mean?" she says "yes." i have to write a story, so any explanation would be lovely! =D
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    A R T F I C I A L B L O O D Need Help

    Straight from wikipedia: (incase its helpful and you have to reference it) In 1990s because of the risk of undetected blood bank contamination from AIDS, hepatitis C and other emergent diseases such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, there was additional motivation to pursue oxygen therapeutics...
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    Help With Biology Question

    well. great question imagination. i am also keen to find out for my first HSC task. VERY IMPORTANT. PLEASE HELP HIM!