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    Sex...Shaved or no Shaved?

    Ripping hairs from the roots??? Nooooo it doesnt hurt at all.
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    What makes a guy/girl UNattractive?

    Definitely agree with the spitting. its disgusting. But for some reason gumpy dancing really appeals to The biggest thing that makes a guy unattractive is cockyness. When they think they are gods gift to humanity, and think they can say or do whatever they want and there will be no...
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    Sex...Shaved or no Shaved?

    baha i loved this.. ^^ I think no hair at all is too child-like, slightly peadophilic... Personally i like men to leave it natural, but not out of control.. I think women should be the same, but shaving is yuk.. stubble.. Any girl who wants to get rid of hair, try lazer.. I hurts a bit...
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    Notre Dame

    OMG I just got my letter for Notre Dame today tellin me i got in I cant believe it i am soooooo excited!!!!!
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    Good Luck Chuck

    OMG- Best movie ive seen in a long time. It made my laugh so hard . Has anyone seen it? Wat did u recon?
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    The Anti-Fetish

    I lol at that:rofl: :rofl:
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    gf help

    well i hate to break it to u... But u must have ur eyes open too otherwise how would you see her with her eyes open.. Maybe u should just shut ur eyes and then u wouldnt have to see her staring at u :) :) :)
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    find the curved surface question

    I cant even remember learning how to do the area of a curved suface... Must have bin away that day lol I just wrote down a random measurement in the exam cause i had no idea lol:)
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    General Thoughts - Geography

    Well... I wish i felt as confident as you I think i pretty much stuffed that exam, and what i realised is the geography is worth shit in terms of UAI weighting, and i think i have just failed it so i dont think ill be goin to uni... *sighs* :mad1:
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    Crap! i thought it was 50-50 oh well doesnt matter now anyway just be glad its over :) :) :)
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    Society Exam Section Ii

    I did the first pop culture question on stakeholders and i was practically cheering cause i had studied exactly that I then did equality and different with relation to the different groups and how they experience discrimination bla bla bla SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GLAD ITS OVER! ILL NEVER HAVE TO...
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    section 3???

    For this question i used: - My class texet- the tempest - wind in the willows from the stimulus booklet - 2 other related texts
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    Imaginative Journey: Unexpected Destinations

    OMG I hope you did it right cause i did exactly the same thing. :) I thought the question was quite easy compared to ones from previous years. The only problem i had was that i ran out of time on this question and had to practically rush my conclusion. The said pens down and i was still...
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    Is this a nice thing to do or just werid?

    I think you should do it, its a really nice idea, but yea maybe put it in a frame and lean it up against the wall, itll look betta and then if she moves it, it wont look as tho she hates it. If u stick it up on the wall she mite feel as tho shes gotta keep it there.
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    a question for the girls

    Periods can usually go for about a week- give or take Once my friend had hers for 3 weeks- so it is definetly possible.... However personally i just think she doesnt wanna hav sex :)
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    Sex before marriage, would you or wouldn't you?

    Yep, im agreed wid dat. I dnt think u hav 2 wait till marriage, just till u find the right person, and i wouldnt have a specific amount of time to wait either. If it feels right after two weeks-- do it, if it feels right after 6 months--do it.
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    22 year old guy having sex with a 16 year old girl

    Just wondering, but if you have a one year old child, and your doin ur HSC this year u must have bin havin sex wen u were pretty young 2. If i were you i would just not worry about your daughter having sex until she can actually walk and talk. :)
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    Help, im pregnant and 15.

    Ha Ha Ha that made me lol, i was totally thinking that. :rofl:
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    What are you allergic to?

    bee stings