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    Test and compare your internet speed

    For me, this is slow :p Usually 9ms, 116 down and 2.4 up.
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    Great Laptop Deal

    For the love of all that is good, make sure you don't get an effing Acer laptop. My former boss had numerous issues (same part - the RF something or other died 3 times, part became 'unavailable', Acer gave up and started blaming us for it). Bunch of fsckwits. I'm writing this on a Toshiba and...
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    Unusually high downloads

    XP Service Pack 3 is between 60 and 300MB, depending on how far behind your patching is.
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    Post your desktop screenshot.

    This is the pic I'm using at the moment. I took it in Erskineville last August.
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    Is anyone still using dial-up internet access?

    I finally made the transition (i.e. moved out of home) in August 2004. Currently on 8/1Mbps ADSL2+
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    DVD Burning.

    Download Nero with serial. Torrents ftw with this.
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    MSN virus...

    Amen to that. I support noobs who work in retail stores using a seriously cut down version of XP. They still manage to stuff things up royally. OP: Get yourself Avast! Home Edition (or else :))
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    ADSL2+ with telstra

    iiNet - well priced and a great product (reliable, fast, etc). $80/mth gives me 20GB peak, 40GB offpeak and VoIP :D I don't just say this because I worked for them, it's really the case. Customer service can be hit and miss. There were too many tools that I worked with, mostly in the Perth and...
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    Good sites to buy RAM, Computer fan, External/Internal Memory

    ARC won't, but that's ok, they've actually got customer service.
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    What anti virus do you use?, anti virus

    Avast! all the way. For a firewall, I use my router. Better than any software firewall by far. :)
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    What style/type of phone are you using?

    Only ever had one flip and it only lasted me 4 days. Candy bars all the way.
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    PSU blown up...third time within a year

    Got myself a Belkin power board w/surge protector... got the $75000 warranty. Seems like a goer. Could possibly claim just a bit more than a PSU ;)
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    Do you use a VO-IP service?

    leatham: whom?
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    Do you use a VO-IP service?

    Used VoIP since last Sept. An actual VoIP service. Uses a standard phone handset - little to no difference in call quality and a fuckton cheaper than using the normal landline. No min monthly spend 10c untimed in my local call area (Wollongong) and to any state capital. 5c/min to anywhere else...
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    When should a person / When did you upgrade your phone ?

    it's a 6230i, dumbass :p Anyhow, I happen to upgrade phones quite frequently. Went from that 6230i to a K750i (which I've now lost) to a 6234. Realised that Nokia still > S-E. I'll stick with this for a while. Probably every 6 months or so. btw: mine > yours :D
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    The Official BoS Spyware Thread

    hahaha. can you say bloatware/nuisance? had to disable it on my dad's machine every time i wanted to do any sort of network activity.
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    Broadband ping

    21KB/s? phwoar. that's underestimating it don't you think? Average is 24-25, I'd say.
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    Broadband ping

    Working in Tech Support, the fastest I've seen a 256Kbps connection work for one of our customers, and sustain it for a few mins (when they say they have slow connections, we use this 22MB test file), is 28KB/s. The theoretical maximum is 32KB/s, which happens rarely. The maximum speed for...
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    Old Software

    glad you know :)
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    Old Software

    You realise that MYIE2 ships with spyware?