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    Optional Focus Study

    our class did family and technology... family seems easy as there is heaps on it but u have a textbook to fall back on technology is relatively easy but there is nothing in textbooks on it *much* you have to rely on what your teacher gives you and ur own research... who else has done technology...
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    Crime "Identify and analyse TWO conditions that have led to..."

    wonderland club would have been a good case to use but for bonus points you could have used the recent discovery of Operation Koala - child pornography ring between 28 countries...happened 2 days before the exam! my teacher was forever ranting on about having RECENT examples... or something...
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    Lear themes, brief q

    hey, i'm doing king lear as well and also had trouble with themes... however, i've got several themes that go beyond the usual themes that my teacher has approved of ! they are: nature of human reason the pursuit of rationality there's only 2 but ihope they help ! i also need help...