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    Any RockClimbers ?

    I've been climbing more or less weekly during Semester I of uni at The Ledge... like most I'm climbing about 18-19; I've also seconded trad routes at Mt Piddington on two occaisions (awesome experience if you can find someone to take you!) and have sport led up to about grade 18 at Nowra...
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    Here are my chromatography notes from year 12 IB Chemistry... Chech things if they seem very wrong. Should mainly be trustworthy.
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    shape of molecules

    Yes I agree that the angles between the bonds would not = 72 degrees. If there were 5 regions of electron density around the central atom (ie we could have 5 bonds, or 5 lone pairs, or any combination of these) then possible shapes could be: 3 regions distributed in a plane around the central...
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    Undergraduate Medicine at Sydney??

    Thanks for the info. how exactly does that you sit the UMAT or GRADMAT?
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    Undergraduate Medicine at Sydney??

    hi, I'd thought that Sydney Uni didn't offer Undergraduate Medicine, but I recently heard from someone that they had started (either this year or last year) offering it, with about 15 places... does anyone know if this is true, and if it isn't true, which course my source was talking...
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    second-hand book shops?

    There is one at Hornsby within walking distance of Hornsby train's not on the same side of the lines as Westfield and most of the other shopping places. Also there's one in Mosman called John's Bookshop. It's near a Just Jeans shop in the Mosman Cache, 710 Military Road.
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    Omg- Harry Potter 6 is complete!

    Fair enough Argonaut...I know it's unlikely and I'm only speculating....perhaps Lucius Malfoy didn't know that his lover was a Muggle....or perhaps it was part of a Deatheater initiation rite or something....although that would be counter-intuitive given that they hate Muggles etc :confused:
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    Omg- Harry Potter 6 is complete!

    Suggestion ok please excuse me for not reading all 9 previous pages (I'm about to start work :p ). So if I say something that someone said 50 times on page 5, please forgive my ignorance... but does no one think it could be Malfoy? I know the Malfoys are meant to be a pure-blood family...
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    site with Shakespeare and other Ebooks

    Sorry about the double post but I really think this link is worth it - it's like an index containing links to about 100 websites that have digital books
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    have you read...

    I was wondering if anybody had read any of Leo Strauss's books (Natural Right and History, On Persecution and the Art of Writing, Liberalism Ancient & Modern, there are many more). If so, what did you think of them and his thought? I have not yet read any of his books, but would like...
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    Phaic Tan

    I want the one that they had on the inside back page: the guide to the break-away ex-Soviet state of Kalashnikov.... " controls 1/3 of the world's nuclear weapons and my travel agent can't find it on a map!"
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    My Favourite Book (on the ABC just then)

    Persephone, you could make an argument that the only reason Pride and Prejudice was second was because of the recent BBC (I think) serialised production of it (with Colin Firth etc I think) basec on that logic... Lord of the Rings is a very powerful story of good's triumph over evil...
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    site with Shakespeare and other Ebooks

    Coradella Collegiate Bookshelf - haven't used it before...stumbled on it.... The Literature Network - Famous / well known - Dickens, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Thoreau Project Gutenberg - stuff that is probably more obscure - can download from it Project Gutenberg website Literature Network...
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    I liked Dune....Duncan Idaho was probably my favourite character....or Thufir Hawat.... Has anyone read some of the later books? I'm pretty sure I've read Children of Dune and God-Emperor of Dune..Messiah of Dune....maybe Heretics....I should probably re-read them, but I'm not such a fan of...
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    Philosophy Books

    Nietzsche Kierkegaard - whose opinion is it (reading Zarathustra is equivalent to like a Virgin) ? Perhaps Hegel is so hard that it makes Nietzsche easy by comparison - I haven't read Hegel so I wouldn't know... but is there not another issue surfacing here? at what level do we try and...
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    What TO Read

    Ancient Texts Can I ask a question? Why are most of the texts listed here modern? I mean, we had a Shakespeare somewhere - but even he's modern. The oldest book I've heard someone express a desire to read in this Reading Room was Boccacio's Decameron (thank you a million times). So, to...
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    The Da Vinci Code

    Da Vinci Code Da Vinci code's airport fiction....though I enjoyed reading it ;) Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco is much more intriguing, although ultimately pointless in the same way the Da Vinci code paraphrase my housemaster "Dan Brown looked at the dust jackets of the books...
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    The Literary Acquisition Thread

    Actually, has anyone read any Nietzsche? Edit: Ok I admit this was a very stupid question.....I apologise to everyone who felt offended by my lack of faith in the community's intelligence
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    The Literary Acquisition Thread

    Umberto Eco Has anyone read any of Umberto Eco's books? Either his novels or other works? I've read (no claim to understand) The Name of the Rose, and Foucault's Pendulum. I may read Faith in Fakes soon. Is anyone interested in discussing Eco ?