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    Macquarie is so easy!!!

    I've done third-level statistics at two different universities (not MQ) where one allowed a cheat sheet while the other didn't. Personally, I think having a cheat sheet was more beneficial because we weren't being tested on how well we memorised the formulae. We were tested on how well we...
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    Shifting courses...(for psychology)..???

    No, I've read otherwise. B Psych students are not guaranteed places in fourth year. They'd still need to compete with B Science and B Advanced Science students at the end of third year. For 2007 and 2008 anyway, yes, B Psych and B Advanced Science students did need a 65+ average to stay in...
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    How's ENGL1009?

    Just thought I'd revive this thread. ENGL1009 is indeed a wonderful course, the most interesting one I did in second semester actually. The texts I liked most were "Beloved" by Toni Morrison, "Danton's Death" by Georg Büchner and the American Transcendentalist pieces. However, I did find...
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    Psych1001 lectures have both a morning and afternoon/night stream. Would the times for the later stream be available online or would we have to wait until we meet the lecturers? Thanks.
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    your current favourite song

    Adventures in Solitude - The New Pornographers
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    What album(s) did you listen to today?

    Challengers - The New Pornographers Under the Blacklight - Rilo Kiley Juno Soundtrack - Various Artists Amelie Soundtrack - Yann Tiersen
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    3D Trigonometry

    Re: 回复: 3D Trigonometry Thanks for your help. Why is angle OAC = inverse tan (OC/OA) when there is no right angle in triangle OAC? Or is there?
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    Options: Communication

    I just said, "We dissected a mammalian brain and labelled it."
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    3D Trigonometry

    Hello, Several people have assured me that 3D trigonometry is in the 3u exam. Uluru is a large rock on flat ground in Central Australia. Three tourists A, B and C are observing Uluru from the ground. A is due north of Uluru, C is due east of Uluru and B is on the line of sight from A to C...
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    the 'what would you do differently if you could do your exam again' thread

    Used better pens (3 of four pens died). Wrote paragraphs according to the marks allocated (i.e. not write half a page for a one-marker and less for a 5-marker). Used techniques other than juxtaposition. Relate story to question. Relate essay to question.
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    Imaginative Journey: Unexpected Destinations

    I said how going into one’s mind and imagining things was like going to an unexpected destination. My vocabulary is bad so I used that phrase “unexpected destination” at least three times in every paragraph.
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    Gloucester's sub-plot.

    For King Lear, we'd need to analyse at least two key scenes. Would I be able to use Act 4 Scene 5 at Dover as a "key" scene? It concerns only Gloucester and his attempt at suicide, rather than King Lear. I used it for my trials and it was okay but what about the in actual exam?
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    Frontline as a whole series.

    Ah, okay, thanks for the help guys. So 2 or three sentences would suffice? ITimber: Usually, you'd just need two episodes in detail but you can make fleeting references to other eps.
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    What album(s) did you listen to today?

    Combinations - Eisley Plans - Death Cab for Cutie
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    "My Screw Up" with Brendan Fraser is one of my favourite episodes, along with "My Catalyst" with the OCD Michael J Fox. My favourite moments are the scenes with Dr. Molly Clock in season 4 and the bit where Elliot is giving an old lady a pelvic exam and it ends up quite loud. And any ninja...
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    Frontline as a whole series.

    For the Frontline essays, would it be advisable or not to spend a paragraph (instead of a few lines) analysing the series as a whole and then moving onto the 2 individual episodes and 2 related texts? That is, writing about its show-within-a-show format, the contrasting types of video camera...
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    Did anyone watch Summer Heights High?

    Re: Did anyone watched Summer Heights High? Oh, you make a valid point.
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    gesticulating during study

    I slam the table with my hands when trying to study and then it hurts. Then I usually decide that I can't possibly study with sore palms.
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    Tips on the BOS notes anyone?

    For Economics and Business Studies, I just change the font and margins (only 10pt Tahoma and 1.5cm margins will do) and print them off.
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    Did anyone watch Summer Heights High?

    Re: Did anyone watched Summer Heights High? I'm guessing Jonah didn't make it up though. Maybe he said he made it up just because his dad was right next to him. The ABC is all I watch these days. The Sideshow with Paul McDermott on tonight is also good.