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    B Media (Screen and Sound)

    Yeah me too! Just... bumping... in case anyone... has any answers...
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    B Media (Screen and Sound)

    Anyone out there doing this? Was wondering if you could tell me what it's like and if there's any employment opportunities that come out of it. I was hoping to use it as a platform to get into advertising.
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    Bonus ATAR points for family grievance?

    What does one do in order to seek bonus ATAR points in the event of a family death? What's the process?
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    Need help analysing my History & Memory related text! Please help!

    Hey there guys, I'm using this as my related text for History & Memory - And thus far, the only concept that I can draw from this text is "History can evoke overwhelming trauma which manifests itself in memories" Could...
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    Is it essential that it relate to Advanced or Ext. 1?

    Hey guys, My teacher said the best way to tackle this course (apart from hard work and some degree of intelligence) is to do something you're passionate about. Keeping that in mind, I wanted to do a critique of Marilyn Manson's album "Antichrist Superstar". Is that ok? Or is it like, not...
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    Idea for major work... Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated

    So basically I'm thinking of doing either a suite of poetry that resolves around elements of Science Fiction (because I'm learning about it in Extension 1 and would really like to compose some myself) or a video about mental health and the effects it has on the loved ones. Any thoughts at all...
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    Urgent help needed for Drama essay

    Hey I have an essay and need to use all those "experiential" ideas, etc. which is fine, but I'm slightly stumped on this question - " Australian Drama explores not only what we value but what we fear" - any ideas as to what I could say in regard to the Removalists?
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    Anybody here a fan of the movie "Eraserhead"? Anybody got any ideas as to what it means?
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    IPT Trial results

    Yeah I got 66... What happened? :cry:
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    Can Entertainment be picked up in year 12?

    Just wondering...cause I was accelerated in IPT but I severely screwed up trials (66...) and am now looking for a back-up 2 units to do. So can you pick it up in year 12?:confused: