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    Is there anything such as a 'no gf' club in UNSW?

    Just wondering since all of my friends are getting girlfriends and I'm feeling pretty left out and need people to share my sadness with THANKS
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    Hoover notes anyone

    Hello hello!! There's some notes for Hoover in the resources section for history in the USA part, just ctrl+F "Hoover". There's a particularly good one that's made in 2004 that covers almost everything you need to know for Hoover (it covers the USA section early on so you can just skip that...
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    FREE Discovery Creatives | 99.65 ATAR, English Advanced State Ranker (97)

    Holy crap!! I've been looking all over the place for exemplar discovery creatives!! Thank you so much for sharing :)
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    UNSW Chit Chat Thread

    Re: UNSW Chit Chat Thread 2015. Hey I don't go to UNSW but I'm just wondering.. is the journey there as arduous and shitty as everybody makes it out to be? It's not going to make me change my mind about wanting to go there or anything, but I'm just curious.
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    What's the grill-to-boy ratio for both Computer Science AND Software Engineering?

    You gave into the short-winded elations of adolescence, no need to feel bad about that. If you were happy at the time then that's all that matters. BUT SERIOUSLY CUTE GRILLS>EVERYTHING ELSE.......... JUST SAYIN'................................
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    Should I give up on Extension 1 Maths?

    Not sure, think it was around 50%.. hahh............. yeah I suck In 2014, 2U: 37 3U: 25 4U: 10 I don't know how many students they had in each subject though so hah.. I've looked at the rankings for each year and they don't fluctuate that much, in all honesty. Probably +-5 for each. Does this...
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    Should I give up on Extension 1 Maths?

    Got my ranks in, and I came 60/64 for ext1 and 49/120 for 2u. Is it possible for me to achieve even a Band 5? My school rank is 120's, but we consistently come in the top 50 for mathematics.
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    Past papers

    Thank you!!!!!!!!
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    That feel when no gf.

    I don't want to feel this feel
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    Might as well face reality

    I don't have an estimate but YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IF YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!
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    Buying a laptop for Computer Science....

    NECROPOSTING BECAUSE MY OPINIONS ARE IMPORTANT AND NEED TO BE HEARD (sarcasm) Okay, so what if I don't want to use a Mac? Are there any good ultrabooks?
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    Past papers

    If you give me some I will love you 3-ever (I'm not that good with dedicated relationships)
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    Markers of modern history essays i call upon thee

    Okay on a serious note though, can someone mark Modern History essays for me? I'm doing [core], USA, Hoover and Conflict in Indochina. Preferably someone that's competent in Modern History but even if you aren't I appreciate your thoughts (but I'm not interested (I'm sorry)).
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    What's the grill-to-boy ratio for both Computer Science AND Software Engineering?

    Urgent! Important! This is a life-changing decision. Please source with pictures of hot grills.