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    on my report i was ranked 6 for hosp does that rank get sent to the board of study
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    Why do they give u a rank for vet coarses when u dont get a assessment mark your only get a hsc mark.
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    Saddam sentenced to death

    Ok the moral says its wrong to kill another or hurt others A religous side. "thou shall not kill " A man kills a another they go to jail A man kills 20 hes classed as insane A man kills 200000 people they arrange for peace talks ... This man was a leader , in a postion of control, He...
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    two good question i liked them nice and easy i think but im afraid i might of woffled.on ..
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    Pompy's special commands

    I loved this question omg so glad that i study pompey more... used latin words to .. good stuff whats your thoughts about the question
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    Why was Spartan women 10 marks?

    they couldnt own land other greek women srry ..
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    Why was Spartan women 10 marks?

    Omg women had nothing lol .... bullshit bro there signifance lol .. man they produced strong warrior like soliders...(children.. theme) also they could own land which other greek women could that is signifacnt. !!!! .. interact with the men -train athletics they could train aswell... , be...
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    Holy crap! I just half slept walked

    Ok my freind was alseep one time and he sleep talks and walks alot .. (its problem hes parents said so ..) so me and some mates..decided to play a prank on him , so anyway we where planning at the other side of the room.. but then all of a sudden he got up (still asleep) and said im an...
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    Batting before exams? Yay or Nay?

    Lol your a funny one .. Dude if i was you, lol i would ..its probably the only thing your hands will do good all day .. lol ...during the test classic ... lol lol..
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    Attempted suicide at centre 13

    Well this is not helping other HSc kids by posting this stuff .. i must say to these poor kids ok fair enough tough times yet we all must go through it.. also the HSc isnt the most important thing in life there are so MANY choices out there..Ok if the situation is must do good or esle ..those...
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    so who cheated?

    Dude thats funny.. You should Be our Prime Minsiter . lol your a funny one..
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    Quality over Quantity

    i get about 14-16 words a line so i only did like 4 pages sect 1 5 sect2 sect 6.5 ... i didnt waffle i hope.
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    Avg Student Uai !!!! Dam Normal >>>

    Pretty crappy school rrank in the 500s can u tell me why does school ranking makes a difference..thanks
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    Avg Student Uai !!!! Dam Normal >>>

    ok this is for the not 85 plus ones who have nothing to worry about, pretty much uni they can taste what about us .. normal students.. is 70 or 65 uai possible with .. English standard ranked 3/49 Marks 57% maths general 15/59 33%...
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    My Fair Lady

    Thanks for all your help ive been away for a while im grateful.
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    Related Texts Educating Rita

    Re: Related text for Educating Rita my fair lady is a great related text..
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    My Fair Lady

    I would be grateful if anyone had some information on this movie some techniques and examples would be much appericated.. or any sources ...thankyou
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    Israel attacks Lebanon

    Have you all forgot about somthing simple their two sides fighting for what they believe is right ,there both human ,humans were ment to fight innocences are ment to die its a part of life its horrible and makes me question the purpose of life if we keep doing this history repeats itself...
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    Opimates and Poplures Roles ....

    I need help understanding the full extend of both roles these factions or groups played during the period of the first trimvirate to the end of the second trimvirate .. any help would be grateful.
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    Opinions on Caesar

    Um mabye you should try the local library...