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    ROLLL CALL! Class of 2013 EE2

    4 people in e1 and 3 in ee2 im doing a short story :)
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    roll call ee2 2014

    :blink2: heyy wasuuupp , hows year 12 going so far? introduce yourselves if u do ee2 :rolleyes2:
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    Possible related texts for Navigating the Global?

    we're reading "the shipping news", "the mosquito coast" , and seamus heaney poems and watching "lost in translation" ahahah i love it tooo <3
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    What is everyone up to at school?

    end of operations , about to start the next KBF
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    2014'ers Chit-Chat Thread

    yeahh hahaha jerseyss are all we talk about for now, me and my best friend plan on putting tweedledum and tweedledee........ sound gay or nah?
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    Naming of alkanes/alkenes + other questions

    hahaha , its gonna get challenging :) good luck :)
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    Ethanol classified as alkane?

    its got an OH bond, so its an alkanol
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    Extension 2 questions for 2014?

    hey i just started ee2 as well, take it easy :) im doing one short story, my teacher told me the most important thing right now is research and investigation about what you plan to do. to answer your question, i wouldn't stress myself with a bunch of short stories, work on one and smash that...
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    2014'ers Chit-Chat Thread

    not too bad, the usual "this is year 12 and the paveway for your future, dont stuff it up" lecture
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    ext english 1 and 2 general discussion

    you doing ext 1 or 2, introduce yourselves, and if you've got questions, feel free to ask :) good luck my fellow extention'ers :)
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    Roll Call: Class of 2014

    hey :) my subjects : advanced english ext english 1 ext english 2 math adv business studies chemistry biology and i was doing modern history in prelim but i dropped it and picked up ext 2 english ATAR aim 90+ want to get into medicine :) good luck to all my fellow...
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    Does anyone else have no idea what they're doing for their MW?

    im doing a short story - trying to steer clear of cliche - im thinking crime genre , with a twist.
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    TO ALL PROCRASTINATORS (2014'ers and beyond)

    haha procrastinating procrastination - nice one !
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    What are your strongest subjects?

    haha i dropped modern history - i love the content but the assignments killed me in prelim
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    What are your strongest subjects?

    i used to ace math but now i guess ive become more english orientated, considering im doing 4 units of english - advanced and extension 1 & 2 i could use a bit of help in math but im good in science (top 2 in chem and top 5 in bio)
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    Extension English Help! + free puppies/money/food

    we're doing module B: Navigating the global seems alright so far i guess