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    Where for are thou Humar Rights??

    yeah it was good and annoying becos all that studying other crap and they ask ya such easy things, like what is the elements of crime?? even the dumb retarts who never come to class would hav got that question. And the short answer, u learn all the legal and non legal measures for HR, all the...
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    What are your general thoughts?

    that dude was pretty funny, made me really laugh out loud,, heh he he... Its tru though, damn all those rich kids going to the smart schools who only study all the time!, but, i gues if u put in the work you'll reap the rewards. I've been studying all the time and i bet i wont beat some peeps...
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    Crime "Identify and analyse TWO conditions that have led to..."

    heyyy, wassup fellow hsc peeple. Arent ya glad its over,so.. The exam was pretty sicckk ay, much easier than what i thought but ey I did plenty of study and how friken annoying is the bigg ass syllabus of which they only choose a little portion to test you on. But, no more having no life and...