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    Thoughts - How did you all find the exam?

    Hahahahaha... They did end up asking the vulnerability/resilience question! Ahh that's so funny...Thank god my last minute call to the Advice Line saved my arse. Hmm the world cities questions was bad- cant really write much for that... Economic activities question was asked before! In...
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    I know! but plz help!!

    Linkages are pretty much the logistics (if thats the right word) of the economic enterprise that you studied. It could mean things like the levels of staffing, the external businesses involved with the eoconomic enterprise and the components of the enterprise... I know how you feel...I...
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    Vulnerability/resilience- possible q) for tomorrow??

    Hmm.. So what you did was something like this: (??) Ecosystem 1 location extent biophysical ecosystem biodiversity ...for 3 different ecosystem case studies? Hokai...Still confusing.. But thanks...I'll use the integrating tip!
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    Vulnerability/resilience- possible q) for tomorrow??

    Hey guys, I'm freaking out about tomorrow's exam and have stumbled upon something which I should have studied a long time ago! If we were asked to "explain the vulnerability and resilience of ecosystems at risk" would we talk about any/all/none of the following: - Reasons for...
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    Question 2 (Merged)

    I didnt- i did a letter... am shitting myself cos sounds like everyone did a short story... someone please say its ok to do a letter...
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    Question 2 (Merged)

    Letter? I wrote a letter for section 2- 5 pages I think. Was I supposed to do a short story??....I'm freaking out now... Because it said "imaginative"... Oh crap...
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    Use of army for political purposes?

    Thanks for that asylum...I didn't know about the stuff that Marius and Sulla did because I do the the period of the Fall of Rome, 78-28 BC. But it's really good now that I can add this extra info into my essays. Thanks again!
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    Use of army for political purposes?

    Hi everyone, Just wondering if you could help with answering this question: a) Analyse the role of the army and the way it was used for political purposes in this period (25) So to answer it I would have to talk about how Pompey and Caesar used it for intimidating the Senate etc. but...
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    Anyone nice enough to post up trial questions...?

    Yeah..2003 CSSA: 1. Analyse the need to protect and manage ecosystems. 2. Explain the operation of ONE urban dynamic in a country town or suburb. 3. Analyse the factors affecting the changing spatial dimension of an economic activity. OK...looking at them now, how would you answer the...