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    General Thoughts: Physics

    lol yeah what school you at cos i dont like your attitude. imma hunt you down motherfucker.
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    Engliish advice

    hey stressed out yr 12 peeps. i was in your position last year and having obtained my raw marks, I wanted to share and pass on some advice concerning the english exams. i went really well in the trials (99/105) and was pumped going into the hsc. i went with the memorizing generic essays and...
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    The Online Mole

    Hi peeps. I know your this is like a study forum and all but some of you might wanna break so........ I've created a version of the "The Online Mole". A game where nine genuine contestants will participate in missions amongst a saboteur. The mole is a traitor whose mission is to sabotage the...
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    Help Multiple Choice.

    question 2 F/l= (kI1I2)/d So you calculate individually the force btw X and Y and then individually for Y and Z. So variables we dont need are I1 and I2 as all currents are equal. We dont need K really as its a constant but keep it anyway so there is something on top. So F/l = k/d. So for...
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    English marks...?

    i got my raw marks back. i got 18.5 19 14.5 and i got 95. however i practically aced AOS. The thing is if you get 14 average you will 100% definitley get a band 5 no doubt about it. they scale like crazy in adv. but i got 20 20 20 in my trials and these were my hsc marks (above, second...
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    semester 1 results

    dude literally its uni. build a bridge. stop caring about averages, noone but you cares.
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    semester 1 results

    psych 1001 54.0. yay. considering i failed the essay didnt do any of the quizzes. so relieved im doing that shit again.
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    The Official University of Sydney Toilet Thread

    carslaw one is so fucking ferril. i would rather shit in public then go in there. went once never again. a guy put is leg under my cubicle. i fucking bolted people. scary shit. gay cunt-trolls. *WARNING: u will probably get assraped if you go to carslaw toilets!
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    Semester 1 timetables 2011

    hi im first year and i wanna do as minimum uni as possible. call me a motherfucking houmbrella, i dont give a shit but would anyone be able to tell me subjects that have least amount of campus time (lectures + tutorials + labs etc.). oh, im doing sci degree. thanks
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    raw marks

    HERE ARE THE RESULTS BEEN COLLECTED SO FAR: Ancient History Year Raw Mark /100 TWM (with optional scaling) TWM (one unit basis) Aligned Mark Aligned Mark Reported Exam Mark Band 2009 83.5 90 45 45 90 90 B6 Biology Year Raw Mark /100 TWM (with optional...
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    free english essay marking

    I don't want to sound mean but honestly, it was horrible. I practically had to annotate every line. They were undeveloped, incoherent, unsophisticated and a lot of them went the whole essay without even mentioning a technique. Like they didn't even know that techniques existed! Quotes were...
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    School certificate vs hsc marks

    Hey. not that people care but i actually requested my raw sc marks with my hsc marks (may as well, $30 anyway). I was so suprised at how little the marks aligned. People say it is so easy to go well which is true because of only two reasons: (a) the tests are easy themselves (b) it is marked...
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    free english essay marking

    Dang. I let it slip. The mutt is a 'he'. Oh well.
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    free english essay marking

    It was really exhaustng by the end of spending over 1.5 hours on every person's essay...I now see why you charge the amount you do. ] Not to rub it into the plagarising knob but I got my raw marks back and i got 15 in my belonging essay (the very section he wanted me to perfect for him). So...
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    free english essay marking

    I am no longer marking essays. Sorry :( I have had a terrible experience with a student who I won't name (even though I should). Basically I helped this person out by annotating their essay thoroughly. As I have been doing for all the essays I've marked, I cropped a sample paragraph from one of...
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    How to survive English HSC

    dude, where was this last year? haha, brilliant guide. heaps of effort has surely gone in it so many hsc11' wold appreciate it.
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    raw marks

    Actually, in the explanatory notes is goes through the whole thing. In english, the tm firstly undergoes the process of optional scaling (as most subjects do). However, then there is an extra step. They compare the advanced modules to the standard modules using paper 1 as a medium for...
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    raw marks

    got my results today. bio 88 ---> 94 chem 78 ---> 91 eng (a) 94 ----> 95 [this is really weird coz the tm to twm is like inflated heaps beyond that of optional scaling...confusing] maths 109 ----> 96 phys 70 ----> 88 sor 1 48 (which i lost on two MC! arggggggg) ---> 49
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    raw marks

    just when a big white package is delivered to my door i get excited only to find it is my fucking premiers award. this is so annoying. although the medal was pretty sweet.
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    raw marks

    so everyone is still waiting. im asking for a status update via email to stephen parkes tomorrow if it doesnt come. just to hustle him along. + i think the raw cut off would be along the 93-94/120 mark.