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    computershop in parrramatta

    hi guys, there is a computer shop in parammata which deal with sony vaio laptops... i have misplaced their details... does any one know abt this shop ? thx!
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    aopen laptp

    cool ! in that case I'm ordering it right now!
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    aopen laptp

    hi guys, how are aopen laptops? 8x 24x 10x 24 DVD+CDRW Combo Drive Built-In 1.44 FDD Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz with HT CPU PC-2700 512M DDR RAM 80G 7200rpm 8M cache IDE HDD nVIDIA MAP 17 64M module this 1 is custom built for approx $1800 thx!
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    amd laptops

    hi guys does any one have experience with amd laptops? is the performance good ? does heat cause any problems ? Thx!
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    cracks / serials

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    Computer Store / tech store thread

    hey, what abt !!COMPUTER WORLD !!!
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    "Misconceptions about aboriginal beliefs"

    terranullius is the biggest misconception that occured; i mainly talked about this one
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    2002 hsc

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    2002 hsc

    g'day lads !! Can someone please explain q22 from 2002 hsc ? i have no idea how to determine these pairs with three of the thingis !!! thx!!
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    HSC - The BIG Question

    u do realize that its 50th anerversy of watson/crik tihs year!! so i think there should be a 8 marker on their contrubutins... well thats what our teacher reckons...
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    related material

    the question for dialogue said.. "at least one related matereial" is it okay if u only write abt 1 related material or do u need more? how many did u guys write?
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    laptops price

    hi! how cheap are laptops in hong kong? or are they almost the same as in australia? thx!
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    infectious disease: AIDS: symptoms

    Hi guys, for 2 marks, what other symptoms can be written as possible answers for AIDS other than "loss of immune system"? Thanks!
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    3rd Line of Defence: Specifc Immune Response

    SORRY GUYS!!! I DIDN'T TYPE OUT THE FLOW CHART PROPERLY !!! I FORGOT A WHOLE SECTION !!!! REF: EXCEL BIOLOGY PAGE 73 * some white blood cells are phagocytes. Some are non-phagocytic cells called lymphocytes * T- Cells and B- Cells are 2 differnt types of lymphocytes * B-Cells are...
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    B cells, T cells

    LINK !!!
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    3rd Line of Defence: Specifc Immune Response

    Hi Guys, can some one post some comments on this flowchart? Thanks!
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    pastuer's experiment

    hi guys... was the aim of the pasteure's swan neck experiment... to disprove the theory of spontaneous generation? Thanks!
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    hey ken!! yup... 30/84... stilll pretty good!!
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    SOR Enrichment Day

    hey, can u send me the details please?
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    Syd Uni study dayz in hols?

    almost all uni's have it... i'm going to the macquarie physics... :)