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    does anyone know any cheat sheets or codings for XHTML. Ive never used xhtml language and im just trying to make a website for an assessment dont like referring to a book my cousin gave me.
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    What subjects are good to study?

    eh Arts
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    What road/mountain bike do you have?

    Ive got a Trek 1000 sl 2006 keo classic pedals nike altea 2006 road shoes what do u guys ride?
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    Tax return

    Im on the question where i put my accumulated hecs amount, has anyone received a hecs invoice from ATO or government of this?
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    Amp/Subwoofer Placement

    ok preferably in most basic custom installation the amp is screwed on to the back of the back seat, depending on where u want to place the sub i would not suggest u place right infront of the sub cause any high powered amp needs flow of ventiliation to cool its processes, also add a cheap $10...
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    Intro to economics test

    were ther alot of graph work/
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    getting paid...

    dontworry if this is your market research company ur talking about? I had the same problem had my one and only first shift last month and jst realised that they payed me this week, I guess market research are shocking when it comes to sigining of their payrolls
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    Will dropping a unit decrease my chances of tranferring next yr

    woah i really didnt want it to end up like that since my uai was pretty shit. Im pretty sure by the response ive had to everyone is that GPA is calculated on the average of all units done
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    Will dropping a unit decrease my chances of tranferring next yr

    Im in a situation here in which thinking of dropping a subject for this semester leaving me with 3/4 subjects im looking to do a transfer out of the course hopefully by the end of the yr, would dropping a subject for the whole yr effect my overall result (GPA) when submitting it to uac since im...
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    lol man i havent even set eyes on my text let alone study to the crack of dawn
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    Looking for a Voice recorder for uni lectures..........

    i could always use my mobile phone but it wont be downloadable so any in here used this sony one or similar just qwanna how does it rate and am i gettin my moneys worth in investing one of these since my options are getting slim in note taking since im pretty much dead during lectures sleepin lol.
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    Looking for a Voice recorder for uni lectures..........

    a shame ipod minis arent compatible with italk cause of some firmware they dont have
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    Looking for a Voice recorder for uni lectures..........

    yeh im still in disarray to fork out 150 dollars or so to get a decent not taker but had alot of negative critics saying they are not adequate for lec politik which one are u using is it digital or tape ive got this on mind ICDB210 sony DIGITAL usb NOTETAKER 32MB $249.00 AUD inc. GST...
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    Looking for a Voice recorder for uni lectures..........

    wow never knew that. i guess most of them our hot shot artist with copyright issues:mad1: so their lectures wont leak thru the internet mp3 land
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    Looking for a Voice recorder for uni lectures..........

    looking after a voice recorder that 'll last me throughout my uni life used to tape lectures and ill be pretty harsh on it and thrown right into my bag excessively throughout the semester. Any way Im pretty illeterate in terms of the good and bad brands of voice recorders in todays market, ive...
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    How flexible are units within 1st - 2nd yr?

    I just varied my program for autumn session due to the fact im trying to transfer into another business course without any implications of missing units next semester, so all went well!!!. Ive looked at my future course that im trying to transfer in and it has a core unit that is only offered...
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    Bing Lee

    yeh its crap its sales right ? if so its like 10 bucks for 18yrsold but if ur good u can earn extra 200-300 on commission urself but yeh its crap money if u were looking for a career in retail
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    timing out all the time

    yeh why is zone alarm the cause?
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    timing out all the time

    yeh i remember b4 when i left all my firewalls of for a day the next day it occured im on XP pro service pack 1 2002 also using IE 6.0 about 2 months now but been bsy so ive kinda neglected it from now?
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    timing out all the time

    i have a problem with my comp, when ever i try to login in to any sever (service) emessenger, email servers e.g hotmail, gmail , net bank it always times out? it really bugs me cause ive deleted all my firewalls and it still doesnt seem to login in to any also im using dialup ISP