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    Does Shakespeare support republic? Urgent. Trials on Tuesday and misplaced essay.
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    Hmm... so how much as an estimate do you say people get to get into uws. as in what /134 and what umat score. And I heard percentile doesnt count?
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    How does it go from x/134 -> umat score? Do they consider percentile? Medentry says they dont consider pecentile but only UMAT score.
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    Hey I was trying to flash a new rom and trial to clear the dalvik cache on HTC ONE XL but accidently ended up deleting backups and system files and all data. I tried flashing a new rom and I also tried ADB side load but my device is such that if I want to be in ADB sideload on phone then I cant...
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    JCU entry requirements? Bachelor of Med/Surgery

    Thanks a lot. I actually couldnt find that page. I was hoping I could make it in UWS but seeing my UMAT, had to reconsider. Not much else possible.
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    JCU entry requirements? Bachelor of Med/Surgery

    Hi, Just wanting to know what are JCU entry requirements for Bachelor of Med/ Bachelor OF surgery and if any other uni's except JCU that dont need an atar >99 and umat to get into. Thanks
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    Repeating Year 12?

    I understand what you mean. However considering the financial conditions and your expectations, I would recommend you try to achieve a desirable atar by repeating. i.e. Option 1).
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    What does Tyrell think of the blade runners? does he support them?

    See the maker scene. Where Roy and Tyrell meet as well as Rachel and deckard meet. It will give you good idea, i think.
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    Trial papers anyone??

    search nerdasdasd in search panel.
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    CONQUER YOUR HSC TRIALS-free seminars-from a 99+ student

    Re: CONQUER YOUR HSC TRIALS-free seminars-july school holidays! Thanks Mei for organising. Agreed with rumbleroar considering how much UNI work she probably has, she has taken out her time to help. That by itself is great. Thanks again.
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    Past papers - From Nerdasdasd
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    Can Labor win the 2016 federal election?
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    Low Mendentry Percentiles!!! Stressin Out!!!!

    Medentry has harder questions than umat about 20-30% harder, from what I heard. Dont stress out. I get what you mean. But you have more opportunities. And from what I heard again those are actually not bad.
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    Chemistry vs. Biology vs. Physics

    ^ These together answer question perfectly.
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    Question about State rankings

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    For the physics students, need a bit of help plsaroo

    Visit csiro Sent from my HTC One XL using Tapatalk
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    Estimate Please.

    90 or so I guess. English pulling it down.