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  1. Carnivour

    Unconventionally Attractive Celebrities

    i simply cannot comprehend how Clive Owen hasn;t been mentioned yet....salivating right about now.
  2. Carnivour

    hottest male celebrity

    Christiano Ronaldo Josh Holloway Marat Safin :)
  3. Carnivour

    The Official 2006 FIFA World Cup thread.

    To be honest, a pretty pathetic World Cup Opener, I hardly felt any tension. Ofcourse, the game was made only slightly more bearable by a very sexy German in my living room singing the German national anthem with his hand on his heart. Also, I think Germany has the best motto. "For Germany...
  4. Carnivour

    The 'CLUBs' Guide (sydney)

    What's the general concensus on Tank? I went there last Saturday, it was pretty insane. Going again this Friday with about 20 people. Hed Kandi is on, but not too keen to pay the $30. Anyone know of any promotions for it?
  5. Carnivour

    Piercings and Tattoos

    Re: Piercings and Tats small of the back wont hurt. hipbone might. i got a tat on the back of my neck yesterday. a scorpion. didnt hurt except when she was doing the outline and carving it on the spine, that kinda tickled. i'm very happy with it, she drew it for me while i described it...
  6. Carnivour

    Lost Season 2 (Australian tv followers - no spoilers)

    yeah, that was really strange. it has got to be part of the episode. i wish i had thought to write the number down or something. maybe clues are revealed?
  7. Carnivour

    Lost Season 2 (Australian tv followers - no spoilers)

    So, any answers worth noting?
  8. Carnivour

    Lost Season 2 (Australian tv followers - no spoilers)

    so I guess if I didnt watch the revelations episode, I didnt miss anything?
  9. Carnivour

    Does she like me?

    Ofcourse girls dont like to be obvious. Same thing applies the other way: my interest in guys quickly wanes if they are making their moves too obvious. It smells of desperation; I much prefer the uncertainty and excitement of not knowing, just hoping that my gut instinct is correct. Also, you...
  10. Carnivour


    Frankly, not enough people are having enough sex. One of the few pleasures in life you don't have to pay for. Or fuck it, just go to Kings Cross. But seriously. People take their virginity way too seriously. I say to all the holier-than-thou idiots out there: virginity=overrated. In the end...
  11. Carnivour

    Hawks Nest

    I go to Hawk's Nest all the play bingo with the retirees.
  12. Carnivour

    Piercings and Tattoos

    Re: Piercings and Tats well, at the moment i just have a bar across it with two gems on either end. the bar itself is not very thick at all, so id say if i took it out, it would close up pretty quick and without any considerable scar tissue. i think its the guys that get mangled nipples cos...
  13. Carnivour

    The Biggest Loser

    I couldn't believe how immature Adro, Fiona and Kristie were when they took their shirts off, and then stepped back, etc. That was just fucking ridiculous. Grow up already. It's. A. Game. For a television audience. If they are too stupid to realise that for the producers its just about the drama...
  14. Carnivour

    Boys, really, what's wrong with you?

    Hahahahah. Ok, you either really don't know many men or you've just had a run of bad luck with them. Plus, why would you actually want a guy that was clingly as fuck and professed his adoration for you left, right and centre? Following on, theres probably two types of arsehole boyfriends. The...
  15. Carnivour

    18+ Girls, help all us hopeless 18+ guys

    the type of girls depends on the place, for sure. fannys is definetely known as the pick-up joint, so both guys and girls go there expecting some, i guess. ive only been there once, and not going there again. plus, i saw andrew johns in there and he was so high his whole face metamorphed into...
  16. Carnivour

    How to NOT pick up...:/

    doesnt start till september. got all this free time to... bum around sydney.
  17. Carnivour

    How to NOT pick up...:/

    Well, I think forgetting someone's name is pretty rude. My flatmate forgot my name after me living there for a month now, and having had lots of convos. I know its a pretty stupid thing, but I was a bit offended (nothing serious tho). Either way, wasnt impressed with him, especially since I...
  18. Carnivour

    Piercings and Tattoos

    Re: Piercings and Tats just got my nipple pierced. such. an. awesome. feeling. im addicted to the actual piercing process more than having it in. its kinda sore now tho especially when i walk. and cant play with it for like...a month. :(
  19. Carnivour

    How to NOT pick up...:/

  20. Carnivour

    Whooo Likes Short-Shorts?

    erm, generally yes, they way short shorts are worn these days is pretty slutty. i dont really like it when they are worn with heels, etc.