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    HSC 2010 School Rankings

    ahahhahaha.... we've gone up to 65th from 236th last year..... :P
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    How hard is it to get a Band 6 in Legal Studies?

    totally. pretty much its just regurgitation (even the teachers say so). The key to getting a band 6 is the use of examples, examples, examples. so yes, keep up to date on news, legislation and CASES. I'm just trying to memorise some now for the half-yearlies... or I could just make them up like...
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    LCMD for law and justice/human rights

    yayyy thanks guys (oops, not politically correct) I mean... thankyou males and females!
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    hello there! was just reading your thread on extension english about textual dynamics!! its such...

    hello there! was just reading your thread on extension english about textual dynamics!! its such a relief to find out that somebody has actually survived it! :)
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    Module C: History and Memory.

    yep, we looked at the fiftieth gate, which was quite interesting as my teacher had a sort of love/hate relationship with the book. it was quite amusing to watch her come into class, throw the book on the floor and glare at it :). related texts: the sound of one hand clapping by richard...
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    But yes, how AWESOME is this comparative study? Finally, something so much better than belonging! and blade and frankenstein are NOT weird. take a look at the scientific debates today. its all the same issues. these problems/concepts have existed since the ancients (see the intertextuality in...
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    The Crime LCMD thread

    THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! half-yearlies tomorrow and this has saved me!
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    Help with intonation, please!

    Yep, definitely. Try listening to your friends really carefully, to their intonation, and you will find that they will go up at the end of their sentences. Its an interesting phenomenon (subject for thesis paper?) and is really quite funny once you begin to notice it. Point it out to them and...
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    What is the most difficult when you learn French?

    Although the syntax can be difficult to understand perfectly, its not too hard to express an overall meaning, so I don't think that syntax is the biggest problem. For the HSC course, I've found listening the most difficult, especially to complete the questions fully. DELF B1 listening was fail...
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    BEST WW1 textbook

    Also, the HTA Study Guide is realllllly useful times a thousand. It's much more in depth than the Excel is, and has good advice for writing top essays etc. I've only used it a bit for half-yearlies but its definitely a good choice.
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    BEST WW1 textbook

    Thats so true home dogs. Webb is the master of modern history. He's reached godlike status in our modern class. Pity though, we've only got his text for National Study: Germany. I'm definitely buying his World War I text before trials.... what's its title? I'm too lazy to even do an amazon...
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    What text are you using for Germany National Study?

    Just wondering what texts people are using for National Study : Germany. We've been using Webb, its SOOOOOO GOOD, with each chapter being a syllabus dot point, advice for the HSC essays, questions, historian summaries... We've used Dixon and Dennett a bit also, as the teacher has a few copies of...
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    Religion in Weimar Republic

    yep, most definitely. the jews seem to be the scapegoat for many historical woes. studying history and memory in advanced english alongside this topic was really enlightening - looking at the history of the Jewish people along with the development of their literature.
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    Germany 1919-1939 Notes

    yippee!!! :kiss::wave::jump: merci beaucoup. oops, wrong language :P
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    Weimar Republic

    The Weimar Constitution was a major document that was landmark for its time. It provided a democratic system, and allowed for key freedoms (trade unions, vote for men and women etc) that were not allowed for in many other countries around the world. It was praised by many foreign observers for...
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    Religion in Weimar Republic

    Interesting topic, I've had a similar question but concerning the Nazi reign in Germany rather than during the Weimar Republic. All that we learnt about religion in the Weimar Republic was that it continued as per usual for the major part. Religious freedom was granted in the Constitution. The...
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    Germany Essay Questions

    Yeah, they can really only assess you on the key features and issues of the syllabus, as in all subjects. Basically if you can write an essay on each of the syllabus points you should be just fine. :)
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    ahahahh yeah, definitely. its like "must.... comment...." :P

    ahahahh yeah, definitely. its like "must.... comment...." :P
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    yeah that is good then. ah well I probably should get back to the study... so ironic that I'm...

    yeah that is good then. ah well I probably should get back to the study... so ironic that I'm procrastinating on this site.
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    Fallout 3

    fallout 3... so good! I loved it just for all the bugs and stuffups... does anybody else's version make all of the ghouls levitate 6 feet off the ground? its very awesome. Adds so many lols to the gameplay experience, and adds some variety which v.a.t.s took away. :P if there's any reason that I...